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Retail Digital Media

The eCommerce Game Changer

Webinar rating:

Webinar rating:

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by eCommerce professionals from over 13 multinationals

Is this webinar made for you?

  • Are you in charge of global or regional eCommerce strategies?
  • Are you activating local eCommerce plans?
  • Are you simply eager to learn how to accelerate your brand eCommerce sales?

Then this training on Retail Digital Media is made for you. It will give you the basics you need for approaching this true eCommerce game changer successfully .

Retail Digital Media is a game changer for eCommerce

  • Over the next 4 years, eCommerce is forecasted to grow 3X faster than the rest of the retail industry. To drive eBusiness further, professionals leading eCommerce strategies for brands need to enrich their knowledge of trends and innovations.
  • Retail Digital Media is the most powerful eCommerce sales catalyst offered by retailers today, because it guides shoppers to eRetailer product detail pages where they can purchase your products with just a few clicks.



Alexia Andre

Head of Retail Digital Media Center of Expertise

What is in it?

The  objective of this webinar  is to help professionals like you, who are at the forefront of the development of Retail Digital Media, to envision new ways of driving eBusiness further.

The definition and scope of Retail Digital Media

Get to know the broad scope of RDM tools offered by Retailers from banners to Retail search.

The opportunities and challenges specific to Retail Digital Media

Understand how you can leverage RDM tools, and which potential challenges you need to overcome, such as receiving data from your retailers or creating RDM specific creative assets, to make plans successful.

What makes plans successful

Learn which are the key points to take into consideration in order to make your RDM plans successful.

Q&A with an RDM expert

Ask questions to the eBusiness Institute head of the Retail Digital Media Center of Expertise, Alexia André.

To make your brands eCommerce champions, join the eCommerce professionals from over 13 multinationals who have attended this webinar.

Don’t miss this occasion to get ahead of the eCommerce game




The eCommerce

game changer

for brands

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