Retail Digital Media the eCommerce game changer – 1st date Webinar

Retail Digital Media is a game changer for eCommerce

In the next 5 years, eCommerce is forecasted to grow 3X higher than the rest of the retail industry. Retail Digital Media is one of the most powerful catalysts for eCommerce.

Preparing to start 2019 with a strong eCommerce strategy begins with a focus on self-education, if you strive to make your brands eCommerce champions, this webinar is for you.


Its objective is to help professionals like you, who are at the forefront of the development of Retail Digital Media, to envision new ways of driving your eBusiness further.

With Amazon leading the way in terms of capabilities and innovation, other retailers across industries and markets are stepping up their digital offer fast, making it critical for brands to anticipate changes.

What is Retail Digital Media (RDM)?

Digital advertising that targets shoppers to make them purchase a product at a specific eRetailer by driving traffic to detailed product pages where the conversion happens.


Discover Retail Digital Media the eCommerce game changer for brands

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What you will learn:

RDM definition and scope

RDM opportunities and challenges

What makes plans successful

Q&A with an RDM expert