Sign up to this webinar to learn why Retail Digital Media (RDM) helps brands to significantly increase sales of their products online and offline. RDM converts casual browsers into active buyers of your products. 21 percent of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing RDM on an eRetailer website like Amazon. And basket sizes grow by 25 percent when online shoppers are exposed to RDM on eRetailer websites. Find out more about why Retail Digital Media has so much power and how your company could boost sales by improving the way it manages its RDM activities.

What’s in this webinar?

Learn more about powerful RDM tools for driving sales The tools offered by eRetailers, from banners to Retail search. RDM opportunities and challenges Learn about how to leverage RDM tools and potential challenges you may need to overcome, from data management to the management of RDM creative assets. What makes plans successful The key points to consider for successful RDM plans. Q&A with our RDM expert Follow a Q&A with our Retail Digital Media expert, Alexia André.