Voice First Strategy for Brands to Increase Customer Engagement and Drive Sales

What is the Voice Revolution?

Voice technology is the ability to speak and ask a question to a device like a smart speaker and get an answer back from a virtual assistant such as Alexa or Siri.

Ask Google Assistant a question such as ‘’what is the most effective way to remove a wine stain?’’, and he will give you tips and solutions as well as the most relevant product for that particular topic. Think how a virtual assistant can recommend your brand in response to a user question. This is game changing and very powerful.

Why is Voice important for your business?

Voice is fast and natural, we speak 4x times faster than we write and speaking is natural to humans. Voice also enables multi-tasking while driving or working.

50% of all searches will be voice activated by 2020. Voice commerce is on the rise in the US where 26% of smart speaker owners have made a purchase by voice.

Voice assistant will be available everywhere and at any time in the home, in the car or at the office.

Voice Assistant Usage

Icon People

20% of US Adults

20% of US active population has access to a smart speaker

Source: Voicebot.ai

Icon Voice Search

50% of all searches

By 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches

Source: Comscore

Icon dollar


In 2022, Voice commerce is expected to reach 40 billion $

Source: adweek.com

How a Voice strategy can help master your digital transformation

Icon Sales

New sales channel
& media

icon Diamond

Empowers brand
search & discovery

icon Increase Sales

online sales

Icon Customer Satisfaction

Improves customer

How can you define your voice first strategy with our Framework and Roadmap?

Effective strategies are based on strong fundamentals

The voice revolution is here now! Brands understand that they must be present on each popular voice platform simply because their customers are expecting them to be there. Our Voice Roadmap and Framework cover the different building blocks that are fundamental to bringing brands alive on the various voice platforms. Leverage our Framework to overcome purchase barriers and provide a rewarding voice experience.

We help companies assess their voice status, develop a plan, guide and train their teams at each stage of the process and implementation.

Voice Roadmap

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Brand Voice AI Framework

Brand Voice AI Framework

Brand Voice AI Framework

Short Term

Voice As a Content Strategy

Mid Term

Voice as a channel strategy


Long Term

Voice as an interface strategy
VoiceUI-Skill Design

Google Now & Amazon Alexa Voice AssistantsAmazon Echo Voice Assistant

eBi’s brand virtual assistant platform compatible with

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Frequently Asked Questions about Voice


How do I know if my products can be found using a voice assistant?

We run a voice search assessment for our client starting with your product, your competition and finally generic category questions. This helps determine and report your current state of voice visibility on major platforms. The next step is to suggest a strategy and an action plan.


How to define your voice strategy and road map to win in the digital assistant era

Contact our voice experts for a free consultation. Read our knowledge material and participate to our voice trainings. Leverage our voice framework and roadmap processes to create the optimum voice strategy and action plan for your brand.


How to optimise your brand content for the voice search?

To be found in the voice search era, brands must build a more effective content marketing strategy to win the Google Answer Box. When a brand focuses its content strategy on the intent of the audience, it will better address the real customer needs. Check our Voice search training module for more info.


How do I ensure optimal implementation of Voice content strategy?

Empower your team with the eBusiness Institute voice training program. Our guideline, checklist, methodology and tools will facilitate a global overall consistency. We also work in collaboration with SEO agencies to ensure your voice content assets are effectively integrated into existing websites.


How do I measure the success of my Voice strategy?

We start the journey with an assessment which provides us with a snapshot of your current voice visibilit. After defining the right metrics, KPIs and strategy, we measure the impact of the strategy implementation compared to our initial assessment. This process ensures effectiveness and continuous improvement of future plans.


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