Get access to a groundbreaking report on the future of Voice Commerce

We’re giving you the chance to gain a crucial edge over competitors by offering access to a report on the next big thing in online shopping – Voice Commerce.

Brands will be able to generate incredible sales success if they can harness Voice Commerce’s AI-driven power to help shoppers quickly search for products and make purchases. Understandably, every brand wants to learn more about Voice Commerce so that they can get a headstart on their competition.

This report – conducted by the University of Zurich and SDA Bocconi with support from eBusiness Institute – is based on a survey with top international brand managers looking for key insights on how Voice Commerce will boost their business.

The report explores – in greater depth than ever before – the impact that voice commerce could have upon consumer behaviours and their buying decisions.

What is the voice commerce revolution?

We’re all familiar with voice assistants – Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and so forth – and their ability to help us organise our lives or tell us useful information.

But these voice assistants are also now having a huge influence on the way we search for and buy products, as part of what is being described as a ‘voice commerce’ revolution.

26% of smart speaker owners in the US have already made a purchase by voice. Its popularity is growing around the world, with 50% of all searches predicted to be voice-activated by 2020.

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