How we Help

Our areas of expertise,
keeping e-business at
the core of what we do

E-Business Transformation is at the core of what we deliver to our clients.

Our objective:
help you grow your online sales.

We’re focused on six areas that will enable you to fully leverage the digital opportunity.

consumer experience

Your online consumer experience is like your store experience, it needs to be optimized and to be efficient to drive loyal consumers.

EBI helps you:

  • Understand your client’s consumer journey
  • Optimize the online sales process

All of this is enabled and optimized with our Mystery Shopper proprietary tool



retailers excellence

Online retailers play a crucial role in your sales funnel. Are you optimized to work with them and better serve your consumers?

We’ll help you:

  • Increase conversion by designing successful content
  • Implement the right tools and processes to  facilitate sales
  • Leverage tools such as ratings and reviews to your advantage


EBI helps you gain the understanding of where your brand and team currently stand in order to set the route for the e-business opportunity:

  • Understand the current brand or company status
  • Identify gaps for growth
  • Assess organizational structure readiness for e-business
  • Analyze processes which are enablers or threats




Team understanding and knowledge for e-business is at the core of digital transformation

  • Train from within instead of hiring externally
  • Enable the change from inside the company
  • Engage teams and excite them!


With so much data to hand, does your company know what to leverage and use this user data to enable sales?

EBI will help you:

  • Track your KPIs for your online activities
  • Set up the right metrics for success
  • Optimize moving forward by setting up the tools to measure




A new company is created every 5 minutes. Which one will impact your brand and/or your e-business?

At EBI, we will help you:

  • Make sense of all the innovations being launch
  • Scout the relevant ideas for your business
  • Identify the right partners to work with

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As part of the work done at ebi, we have noticed a constant lack of consistency in high quality content.

This is why we have created the VISUAL EXCELLENCE STUDIO, the content creation arm of e-business Institute.


Our offer to clients is built on strategic foundations and the very latest consumer insights.

Our extensive experience allows us to assess client needs and develop bespoke solutions that will create rewarding brand experiences, delivering real business results.

We energize your brand!- We do it by creating Powerful visual content

We make it happen, consistently, across all touchpoints