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About Our Roadmap

Every business is different.

Our Retail Digital Media Roadmap is based on building blocks that are indispensable to activate an effective RDM campaign, from the most basic to the most advanced.

These building blocks have been created to help you understand the process step by step. They also help us to assess which should be the first or most important focus area based on your company’s structure, strategies and needs.

How do we do it?


Ready-to-use tools

Tailored services

Each of the roadmap’s building blocks contains a wide range of solutions to help Sales, Marketing and Media teams succeed at every stage of the Retail Digital Media process.


To set RDM strategies, you need to understand the landscape thoroughly and must be able to assess where to start

  • Self-assessments
  • Guide to RDM technologies
  • Brand tailored action plans
  • Trainings on RDM for Sales, Marketing and Media teams



Governance & vendors

Selecting your partner retailers and defining the right governance can be complex.
RDM roles and responsibilities are split between Sales, Marketing and Media teams making best in class processes crucial

  • Guides to the RDM ecosystem
  • Vendor mapping of RDM strategists and service providers
  • Governance guidance on Global and Local level

Buying / negotiations

Best in class negotiations are at the heart of effective RDM campaigns, but a different approach and mindset is needed for buying RDM compared to the traditional elements that are negotiated with the Trade

  • Negotiation trainings for Sales teams
  • Tips for effective media discussion
  • Benchmarking
  • KPIs / target guidance




RDM offers lots of planning opportunities, which directly impacts your campaign performance. Planning strategies and elements such as the activation period, formats & placements and destination pages must be carefully chosen

  • Activation brief template
  • Fundamentals of planning training for Sales and Media teams

Success measurement

Defining how best to measure your campaign is key for success and future improvement

  • KPI’s and metrics checklist
  • Measurement framework
  • Guide to tracking solutions



Assets creation

The creation of RDM assets differs from traditional online advertising. The success of any RDM banner depends first and foremost on the quality of your creative assets

  • Creative quality checks
  • Assets creative brief template
  • Methodologies for creating winning RDM assets
  • Brand tailored guidance

Performance reporting

Creating a solid performance strategy as well as agreeing on all aspects of the process with your retailers is crucial for effective reporting

  • Campaign reporting frameworks
  • Data gathering trainings
  • Tailored campaign analysis


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