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Why is online retail visibility crucial ?

The strength of your brand visibility in the eRetail environment is what will accelerate your eBusiness, exactly like in offline stores.


183 Million

visitors go to every month in the US

Source: Statista 2017


Over 21%

of people are more likely to buy a product after exposure to an ad in a retail store compared to the same ad on a traditional website

Source: Bazaarvoice by Wakefield 2013



Increase in basket size with ads on retailer websites

Source: Bazaarvoice by Wakefield 2013

What’s Retail Digital Media (RDM)?

Retail Digital Media, or RDM, is digital advertising that support brand commercial activities in order to drive sales at a specific eRetailer. It plays a similar role online as Point of Sale (POS) material does in brick & mortar stores.

Online retailers play an important role in eCommerce. In addition to selling brands, they now also serve as primary search tools. 2/3 of shoppers now research products on retailer websites instead of traditional search engines such as Google.

Therefore, retailers possess strong strategic positions online, this opens up premium opportunities for brands to increase their visibility at Point of Sale through ads and to connect with a massive number of shoppers at point of sale.

These ads guide shoppers to the products detailed page where they can find more information and add it to their carts to ultimately buy the product

In a cluttered online world, RDM is a powerful tool that combines Sales, Marketing and Media skills to increase your brand’s visibility and shoppability when it matters the most to boost sales both online and offline.


Why is RDM strategic?

Reaches a massive audience who are willing to shop

Drives traffic to your product pages

Improves the shopper experience with your brand

Increases online and offline sales

Retail Digital Media Challenges



Who is in charge?

Success requires brands to operate as a truly integrated company: connecting people, information and processes

RDM requires a combination of skills from Sales, Marketing and Media teams



How do you introduce RDM to your Sales teams?

How do you make sure they negotiate with a media buying mindset?

Buying RDM from Retailers has an impact on trade negotiations which means they must be run very carefully



How do you plan?

Which retailers do you choose to partner with?

Planning must be agreed on with the retailer and requires selecting the right formats and placements essential for a plan’s success


Assets Creation

How do your banners stand out in crowded environments?

How do you make sure they trigger purchase?

What if your eRetailers have creative constraints?

Creative assets should help tackle the communication challenge at each stage of the shopper journey


Campaign Measurement

What should you measure to improve future campaigns?

Which metrics should you ask for from your eRetailers?

Defining the right KPI’s and agreeing on sharing conditions with the retailer is crucial to assess a plans effectiveness and improve future plans

How can we help you?

Effective strategies are based on strong fundamentals.

Our Roadmap covers the different building blocks to build Retail Digital Media campaigns.

We help companies assess their current status, observe RDM trends, guide Sales, Marketing and Media teams at each stage of the process, and implement plans.


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