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eContent brings brands to life online.

Our eContent Roadmap is based on building blocks, the eBusiness Institute take-on milestones, that are fundamental to ensure effective Product Content facilitating the online shopper experience and overcoming epurchase barriers, from the most basic to the most advanced.

These building blocks have been created to help you understand the process step by step. They also help us to assess which should be the first or most important focus area based on your company’s structure, strategies and needs.

How do we do it?


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What do we offer in each building block?


In-depth analysis of your brand’s and competitive products, against a proprietary set of building blocks that are proven to drive online sales, clearly identifying eContent gaps and focus areas. We provide Brand tailored audits:

  • For the category, Markets and eRetailers
  • Versus competitors
  • Versus industry benchmark
  • Focusing only on Ratings & Reviews


Partner with brand teams to facilitate the creation of a detailed step by step Action plan to develop identified gaps, defining clear:

  • Focus Areas/Workstreams
  • Actions for each Workstream
  • Scope for each Action
  • Roles & Responsibilities, Timings, Measures, eContent Repository and Budget for each Action


Create or improve quality eContent assets, to facilitate shopper experience and help overcome epurchase barriers.

  • Assets quality checks
  • Assets brief templates
  • Creating winning and scalable eContent assets, methodologies across touchpoints (desktop, mobile, voice)
  • Brand Assets Guidelines elaboration
  • Brand tailored end to end management and guidance

In addition to our consulting solutions, Visual Excellence Studio, the content creation arm of eBusiness Institute, specializes in developing effective and powerful eContent assets.

More information on our Visual Excellence Studio


Train the organization globally as well as locally (where execution will take place) on usage/repurpose of eContent Assets, provide guidance on optimal content repository system accessible to all key stakeholders, and support to implement and syndicate eContent to final destination (eRetailers,

  • Brand Assets Guidelines deployment
  • eContent assets repository/sharing platform
  • Trainings and education at global and local market levels
  • Localization of master assets for local markets needs
  • eRetailers Joint Business Plan negotiation


Define tools to measure business impact of eContent assets while also generating insights for future improvement and/or reapplication. Measuring results include:

  • Understanding & Reporting of business impact
  • Tracking / dashboard of eContent implementation
  • Tracking solutions set up
  • Formulating recommendations for future actions
  • Gaining internal support for further investment
  • Compiling internal case studies


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