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What is product Econtent?

In the offline world, the consumer can touch and feel the product, and read information on the shelf before buying. In the online world, we need to overcome the virtual world barrier – this is why Product eContent is so important. Brands need to provide sufficient literal and concise information, equipping consumers with everything they would gain from a physical interaction with a product, resulting in a sale. Information such as a precise product title, high quality product images, Ratings & Reviews and compelling product descriptions.

Having poor eContent is like having an empty shelf in store, as it reduces conversion and negatively impacts brand equity and offline performance.

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Why is product Econtent important?

Great eContent allows your brand to come to life online, creating an attractive and rewarding online shopping and brand experience that has a direct impact on conversion.

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Consumers consider quality of eContent very important when making purchase decisions

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1 in 4

Consumers have abandoned a purchase because of poor product information
Source: Shotfarm 2015

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Consumers would be unlikely to consider a brand/retailer again if they provided incorrect information

How can product Econtent strategy win online?

How can we help you?

Effective product Econtent is based on strong assets

The eBusiness Institute Roadmap is designed around the different building blocks that help your company develop its corporate eContent framework. These fundamental building blocks provide crucial support to ensure effective eContent, from defining Standards & Guidelines to accompanying you on every step of the process, bringing the strategy to life and thus providing a rewarding shopping experience.




How do I know if my Product eContent is good or needs improvement?

Auditing starts with identifying the building blocks for great eContent. It involves assessing the performance of your top selling SKUs in markets and eRetailers, including competitors.


How do I plan assets creation?

Defining the right actions based on eContent gaps identified in the audit. Then assigning, roles and responsibilities, scope, timings, budgets, etc.


How do I make sure it will trigger purchase?

eContent assets help overcome purchase barriers. This includes creation of images, descriptions and videos specifically designed to provide an attractive and rewarding shopping experience, within the capability constraints of the eRetailers.


How do I ensure optimal localization and implementation of eContent assets at local markets/eRetailers?

Ensuring quality of implementation requires trainings at global/market levels and syndication of eContent assets from your content repository to eRetailers.Local adaptation processes are an important enabler to realizing scale benefits.


How do I measure the success of high quality eContent assets?

Defining the right metrics and KPIs for your and eRetailers is the starting point. Then, agreeing data sharing conditions with eRetailers is crucial to measure effectiveness and improve future plans.

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