Modern Marketer Webinar Series

Boost your marketing competence with a consumer-centric and data-empowered framework
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Learn the marketing skills needed to thrive in the future

With so many new channels emerging all the time, it can be hard for marketers to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Where and when should they direct their activities and spend? What skills do they need to develop for them to be consistently impactful in the right channels? How can they combine the power of data with creativity to enhance their performance and deliver best-in-class campaigns?

Delivered by leading-edge experts, our Modern Marketer interactive webinar series offers marketers an online training framework and curriculum that will enable them to upskill their capabilities and excel in a fast-changing new landscape.

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Become the best marketer you can be


eBusiness Institute’s H.O.W. Series – Hands-On Workshops and Webinars – are designed to not only train your organisation but also equip them to fly solo and invent their own tomorrow.


We know that it’s not just what you learn, but H.O.W. you learn it. Our courses equip executives at all levels of your organisation – from the most senior leaders to top marketing and key account managers – with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in this era of digital transformation.


All of the courses in our ‘Modern Marketer’ Series are highly practical and interactive, aiming to provide you and your organisation with the necessary tools to boost your marketing performance.

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