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Mastering Online Retailing eBusiness Institute

Learn how to master online retailing and maximise eCommerce growth

In this fast-evolving era of digital transformation, online retailing is, and will continue to be, of paramount importance to any business that wants to thrive in the coming years.

Although eCommerce has been around for almost 30 years, very few organisations today can claim to have mastered the art of selling their products online. At the same time, shoppers are clearly showing the way forward, with eCommerce sales growing consistently year-on-year and now representing more than 10% of total retail sales – a figure that’s expected to reach 15% in the next two years.

Download our brochure to find out how this Webinar Series will equip Commercial and Sales Leaders, Key Account Managers, Trade Marketing Managers and anyone working directly or indirectly with Online Retailers of any kind (Pure Players, Bricks & Clicks, Marketplaces) with the tools and practical knowledge needed to maximise your company’s eCommerce growth.

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Equipping your sales organisation to maximise eCommerce growth


eBusiness Institute’s H.O.W. Series – Hands-On Workshops and Webinars – are designed to not only train your organisation but also equip them to fly solo and invent their own tomorrow.


We know that it’s not just what you learn, but H.O.W. you learn it. Our courses equip executives at all levels of your organisation – from the most senior leaders to top marketing and key account managers – with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in this era of digital transformation.


All of the courses in our ‘Mastering Online Retailing’ Series are highly practical and interactive, aiming to provide you and your organisation with the necessary tools to create efficiencies, improve processes and maximise eCommerce growth.

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