Data & Marketing Technology Consultant

Any location in Europe

Project based

Starting as soon as possible

To apply: 
Send your CV and/or LinkedIn profile to

Job Description

The eBusiness Institute is looking for a Data & Marketing Technology Consultant to conduct a series of projects with existing clients.

In particular, a short term project sees our client that wants to transform to become a data-driven organization (focus on marketing and sales function). However, the client is lacking a clear strategy, roadmap and capabilities.

The client wants to understand what is the roadmap to becoming a Data-Driven company, answering questions like:

Where are we now?

What do we need and what type of investments should we do?

With what we have available at the moment what can we do more?

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct Interviews with the client and client’s partners to assess the current status of data utilized, technology stack to collect data, level of organizational readiness, etc.
  • Aggregate knowledge coming from the client with own and market available know-how
  • Prepare a detailed recommendation and action plan based on findings to help the client elevate its marketing and sales technology & data profile, capturing low hanging fruit opportunities while building a data-driven organization.

Candidate Profile

  • Experience with similar projects
  • Experience in Marketing technology and Data
  • Overall understanding of Marketing Technology Stack and the data that they can produce
  • Experience with Consumer Goods Companies

Other information

  • The project will happen over the next 2 months, during such period we expect an overall 50% capacity utilization. It is possible that we will want to use the remaining capacity for other projects but this is not a must nor guaranteed.
  • Project Fee based on seniority of profile and experience
  • Extra incentives available for business development

To apply: 
Send your CV and/or LinkedIn profile to