H.O.W Capability Building – Hands-On Workshops & Webinars

It’s not just what they learn, but H.O.W they learn it

H.O.W – Hands-On Workshops & Webinars

Capability building is crucial to the ongoing and future success of your organisation.

H.O.W is eBusiness Institute’s overarching capability building program, which empowers organisations to invent their own tomorrow and fly solo.

Tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, each H.O.W program uses an action-oriented approach that equips people at every level with the practical skills needed to thrive in the era of digital transformation.

Each individual program – which include ‘Mastering Online Retailing’ and ‘Modern Marketer’, among others – is delivered through interactive sessions led by eBusiness and eCommerce experts that have extensive experience of working with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our guiding principles for Capability Building

Each H.O.W program is tailored to the participants’ industry, function and level of readiness.

The programs are designed to give your people highly practical skills and knowledge that they can immediately implement in their everyday work to significantly boost performance.

Our programs are therefore truly interactive and action-focused, in line with our belief that participants should ‘learn by doing’, rather than learn through theory.

The progress of each participant is closely monitored and evaluated throughout the course to keep trainees on the track to success.

Leveraging learning techniques that work

We tailor H.O.W programs on the basis of a profiling analysis of your team’s capability building needs.

H.O.W programs are taught through the use of neuroscience principles – active learning processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain to improve memory retention.

H.O.W only provides learning materials and case studies with practical value to modern business environments.

Deciding if H.O.W is right for your organisation

C-level Executives

You want to accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation, but your teams don’t have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to deliver what you need quickly enough

Directors and Managers

You want to equip the people in your organisation with skills and knowledge that will allow them to thrive in a fast-changing digital landscape and give your business a competitive edge

Head of Capability Building

You want your organisation to invest in its people’s development and capabilities, so that teams across the business are equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel

Which functions is H.O.W designed for?

General Management

We offer training programs designed for C-level and top managers that cover strategic considerations and tools for engaging their organisations


We give your B2C and B2B marketers the skills and knowledge to boost their performance


We equip your sales leaders and teams with the tools and practical knowledge needed to maximise company growth

Our program formats

H.O.W Workshops

Dynamic and practical face-to-face sessions

H.O.W Webinars

Powerful online learning for remote teams

H.O.W Conferences

Sharing the latest insights with like-minded peers

H.O.W Lunch & Learns

Informal but effective lunchtime learning sessions

Frequently Asked Questions – H.O.W Capability Building

  • H.O.W programs are tailored to your industry and each function in your organisation, according to the proficiency levels of your people and teams
  • They are ‘hands-on’: practical and actionable, and packed with content that sticks and is easy to implement 
  • Every format is interactive 
  • They are delivered by experts with proven success in their field
  • Participant progress and achievements are measured and KPI-tracked throughout the program
  • They provide excellent value-for-money

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  • H.O.W programs are tailored to three levels of proficiency: Basic, Normal and Advanced
  • An organisation may need to train its teams at all three levels for a given topic, in case proficiency level varies per country, region or function.

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  • eBusiness Institute is already a highly trusted partner to some of the world’s best-known brands from a wide range of verticals and categories, including (among others): Food & Drinks, Household goods, Beauty, Luxury, Electronics, Pharma, Health & Medical devices, Toys and B2B manufacturers
  • Upon request, we can tailor programs for an industry we are not yet experts in by pulling in relevant partners to develop content, facilitate training delivery, and by sharing experiences from other categories relevant to your industry. There are numerous dimensions of the digital transformation that transcend sectors.

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  • eBusiness Institute designs its capability programs with ‘actionability’ as the most important success criteria. Hence our signature – H.O.W Hands-On Workshops & Webinars
  • Concretely, our motto – “It’s not just what you learn, but H.O.W you learn it” – is brought to life by leveraging neuroscience tools and techniques that enable our participants to easily digest our content. Our trainees learn by doing – they are exposed to concrete examples and case studies, memorable visuals and mnemonic techniques
  • Beyond the training sessions, we also keep in touch with participants by organising regular connects to share the latest evolutions and updates about the topics covered together
  • Last but not least, we hand out useful cheat sheets at the end of each program, which summarise the essence of what they learnt, so they can have them at hand whenever they need them.

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  • eBusiness Institute H.O.W programs offer unbeatable value-for-money on a per participant basis. Our standard offer covers up to 100 participants, but we can easily facilitate them to include even more participants upon request
  • Our programs are superior because of the various features we offer: utmost customisation (according to your industry, functions and proficiency levels); high interactivity with the trainers; the expertise of the facilitators in their professional field; and KPI tracking through the duration of the program.

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  • First, we define a set of specific KPIs to assess the proficiency of your teams across various topics
  • Then, we conduct assessments through quiz, questionnaires, or profiling interviews, before, during, and after the training delivery, in order to measure progress over time
  • This tracking enables us to implement changes whenever required.

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Meet some of our trainers

Charlotte Ficat

Charlotte Ficat

Digital Transformation Consultant

Nikolaos Voutselas

Senior Account Director

H.O.W Capability Building Luigi Matrone

Luigi Matrone

CEO & Founder

Mert Bürian

Account Director & Senior Consultant

Jordane Beller

Retail Digital Media Specialist

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