Drive market share with an effective eRetailer Segmentation understanding

What is eRetailer Segmentation?

eRetailer Segmentation is the breakdown into different tiers of eRetailers’ capabilities and functionalities. Since most retailer segmentations only dive down into eRetailer & Store type, we’ve created and defined deeper segmentations for a wide range of global eRetailers allowing us to facilitate and give brands a better understanding of the eRetailers landscape, by covering topics like:

  1. eRetailer Segmentation
  2. eRetailer Features
  3. Retail Digital Media Availability
  4. Innovation Investments

Total Worldwide eCommerce Sales in Trillions of US Dollars
Global Retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach 4.5 trillion by 2021.


We’ve broken down the major eRetailers into 6 tiers and 12 different Segmentation Categories:

eRetailers Segmentation Categories

Why is eRetailer Segmentation Important?

eRetailer Segmentation is becoming increasingly important as consumers use computers, mobile phones, tablets and voice enabled devices throughout the path to product purchase.

To boost and gain the physical AND virtual shelf space, market share, and/or brand awareness by understanding eRetailer’s capabilities and limitations.

Fast & Free Shipping

Free & Fast Shipping

Mobile eCommerce sales growth

Mobile eCommerce sales growth

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“Easy-order” buttons

In-context Products

In-context Products

Source: eMarketer, The Forester Wave

Why think about eRetailer Segmentation

Icon Capabilities

Understand Capabilities and Limitations

Mobile Adaptability


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Gain Actionable Insights

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Look towards Innovation

How can we help you?

Effective eRetailer Sales are based on strong eRetailer understanding

Our eRetailer Segmentation and Database provides an effective eRetailer understanding based on a strong eRetailer Segmentation that provides actionable insights.

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eRetailer Understanding

eRetailer Segmentation Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions about eRetailer Segmentation

What does the eRetailer Segmentation Cover?

The eRetailer Segmentation Database covers all topics related to eContent (Basic & Advanced); General Information (Language options, Delivery); Retail Digital Media; Segmentations (Type, Platform).

How do I use it?

The eRetailers Segmentation can be used as a reference guide or used with EBI’s specialized guidance.

How does it help with strategic Business decisions?

With EBI’s lead, the eRetailer Segmentation can help guide your internal discussions on best courses of actions at the eRetailer level for all your needs.

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