eBusiness Academy

What is the eBusiness Academy?

It is a complete end-to-end process to improve the eBusiness capabilities across your organization, in a structured, standardized and effective way.

This process enables markets and central teams across all functions to grow their eBusiness capabilities in the topics that matter the most, always aligned with the identified eBusiness strategy and priorities. While the exact steps are tailored to each company’s needs, here is an example of what a step-by-step approach would look like:

  1. Identify eBusiness priorities according to the eBusiness strategy (company level)
  2. Run eBusiness assessments/profilings to identify areas of strengths and opportunities
  3. Determine which of the opportunities to focus on
  4. Deliver tailored trainings by topic at a market / region / global level
  5. Work with functional experts to develop and improve the local strategy based on the global guidance and framework
  6. Develop an action plan to drive implementation by topic

Measure results and improve strategy where necessary.

What are the eBusiness Academy additional benefits?

  • Consistency in maturity level and common language across business units / categories / brands
  • Focus on true opportunity areas with a tailored capability building plan vs one size fits all
  • Drive clarity on roles and responsibilities when it comes to eBusiness across different functions
  • Exposure to external and internal best-in-class examples for inspiration

For whom is the eBusiness Academy relevant?

Local market eBusiness Organization

Global / Regional / Local market eBusiness Organization

Local market Marketing-Media Organization

Global / Regional / Local market Marketing & Media Organization

Local market Commercial Organization

Regional / Local market Commercial Organization

Consumer Research

Other related functions/roles such as Supply Chain, Search, Consumer Research etc.

What topics are covered by the eBusiness Academy?

eBusiness Academy Topics eRetailer

eRetailer Collaboration

eBusiness Academy Topics Digital Media




eBusiness Academy Topics Online Consumer

Online Consumer Understanding


eBusiness Academy Topics Search




eBusiness Academy Topics Measurement



eBusiness Academy Topics Optimization

eContent Optimization

eBusiness Academy Topics Partners

External Partners Collaboration

eBusiness Academy Topics Solutions

Digital Commerce Solutions

eBusiness Academy Topics Platforms

Direct to Consumer platforms


eBusiness Academy Topics Personalization




Why should the eBusiness Academy be your priority?

eBusiness Academy Priority Average

eBusiness is the fastest growing part of most companies at an average rate of 20% YOY

eBusiness Academy Priority Strategy

The opportunity is much higher for the companies that have a solid eBusiness strategy and ensure sufficient maturity level across the organization

eBusiness Academy Priority Building

Understanding your opportunities before creating a capability building plan is crucial to maximize results

How can the eBusiness Academy help to win online?

eBusiness Academy Help Identifies

Identifies priority areas according to the eBusiness strategy (company level)

eBusiness Academy Help Training

Builds tailored trainings according to the needs & maturity level of each market / region

eBusiness Academy Help Plan

Creates a clear Action Plan to drive implementation & measurement of results

Frequently Asked Questions about the eBusiness Academy


How are the eBusiness topics / priorities selected at a company level?

This is an exercise that can only be successfully achieved with the functional experts at a central level, and the thinking is rooted in the company’s eBusiness Strategy.


How are the eBusiness needs per market being identified?

This is being identified during the assessment phase and always based on the identified eBusiness Strategy (company level).


How to develop the right eBusiness Action Plan?

As soon as the capability building topics have been identified and the relevant trainings have been completed, each market / category will create a detailed Action Plan based on a combination of the things they learned and the priorities they already have in their workplan.


What is the best way to deliver the identified trainings?

The delivery method can really vary depending on the needs and maturity level. From live workshops (most common) to remote delivery, to train-the-trainer sessions or even online self-training modules, each method has pros and cons and can be considered depending on the specific situation.


How can we help you?

Effective strategies are based on strong fundamentals

Our eBusiness Academy Roadmap covers the fundamental building blocks, which are necessary in order to provide local markets with the right capabilities to drive online sales, following the company’s eBusiness Strategy.


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