Corporate Training Program Unlock the power of Retail Digital Media

eBusiness Corporate Training Program
Unlock the power of Retail Digital Media

Eager to know how to accelerate your online sales at eRetailers using Retail Digital Media? Transform your entire business by learning how to reach more shoppers, more effectively, to convert them to purchase your brand.

number of training sessions

6 sessions

starting price

€450 / participant*

*assuming 30 participants to the standard training program


Online or face-to-face


Who is this Corporate Training Program for?

eCommerce Leaders

If you are in charge of global or regional eCommerce strategies, or if you are activating local eCommerce plans, the Retail Digital Media Corporate Training Program will give you the knowledge and skills to capitalize on this eCommerce game changer.

Leaders of digital learning and development plans

This Corporate Training Program on Retail Digital Media will help you to empower your employees to ensure your company wins in eCommerce in 2019.


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Acquire the knowledge, know-how and most up-to-date vision of the Retail Digital Media landscape to begin your eCommerce transformation for 2019

Duration: 3 months

Delivery: Video on-demand or face-to-face

Choose the training program that suits your needs:

Standard program or customized program

​Number of participants


Key features of our Corporate Training Programs


The Retail Digital Media Corporate Training Program has been designed by experienced consultants in eCommerce with at least 10 to 15 years experience in industry and consulting.


The standard RDM Corporate Training Program covers multiple categories. However, we know that all organizations have different needs so this training program can be customized to a specific category to best suit the needs of your brand.  Contact us to find out more about customization.

Flexibility of class size and delivery

Our Corporate Training Program dedicated to Retail Digital Media can be delivered in three different group sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to make it affordable regardless of your company size. You also have the flexibility to choose how to deliver your training program: online on-demand using our dedicated platform, or face-to-face.

Interactivity and coaching

All participants have access to the forum where they can network, discuss, and share ideas. Participants can also contact a consultant in RDM for questions or for a  1:1 chat, during the contracting period. Participants can also schedule  a personal coaching session when they feel the need.


Small team

(1-10 participants)

  • Standard Program


€890 per participant*

  • Customized Program


€1790 per participant*

*assuming 10 participants

large team

(30+ participants)

  • Standard Program


€450 per participant*

  • Customized Program


€730 per participant*

*assuming 30 participants

Disclaimer: Prices do not cover the trainer's travel costs in case of face-to-face delivery

Details of the training program 

The training program consists of 6 modules of 1hour each. It includes handouts and tools.

  • MODULE 1: Introduction to eCommerce acceleration
  • MODULE 2: Retail Digital Media challenges & opportunities
  • MODULE 3: How to create a successful Retail Digital Media strategy
  • MODULE 4: Development of effective creative assets for Retail Digital Media
  • MODULE 5: Performance measurement of Retail Digital Media plans
  • MODULE 6: Negotiating, buying and planning Retail Digital Media

Handouts supporting your training program

  • RDM campaign report template
  • RDM measurement framework
  • RDM negotiation tips
  • RDM creative assets quick card

Delivered by industry leading experts from the eBusiness Institute

Luigi Matrone

CEO & founder

Alexia Andre

Head of Retail Digital Media

Center of Expertise

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