Drive strategic business with Digital Native Brands

What are digital native brands (DNB)?

“Digitally native brands (DNB) are maniacally focused on the customer experience and they interact, transact, and story-tell to consumers primarily on the web.”

— Andy Dunn, CEO @ Bonobos

A Digital Native Brand meets 4 criteria:

  1. It’s primary means of interacting, transacting, and story-telling to consumers is via the web.
  2. It’s a brand, and that brand is vertical. The name of the brand is on both the physical product and on the website.
  3. Usually manically focused on consumer experience and on customer intimacy.
  4. While born digitally, the brand rarely ends up digital only. The brand controls its external distribution versus being controlled by it.

Why are digital native brands important?

Globally there are approx. 363 million digital natives. These shoppers have become accustomed to online shopping and mobile devices, making them active consumers for Digital Native Brands.

Digital Native Brands offer their products in subscription eCommerce models marketed directly at their target consumers online and so are innovating on both the product and distribution font.

Start-ups are applying the same sort of technologies that have already transformed the broader retail industry from direct-to-consumer business models, subscription options, personalized products, and more.

Reduction in cost of goods in a direct sourcing model sold

Less expensive ways to get physical

Alternative Distribution Methods and Channels

Highly engaged on social media

Source: CB Insights; Huffington Post 2017

Why think about a digital native brand?

How can we help you?

Effective product acquisitions are based on strong data

Our Roadmap covers the different building blocks that are fundamental to bringing knowledge of Digital Native Brands within each industry to key stakeholders in order to facilitate the strategic business decision making process.

We help companies assess the current Digital Native Brand landscape to help develop a plan, and guide teams at each stage of the M&A process.




How do I know if my industry has Digital Native Brand potential?

Assessment starts with being given the right parameters for your industry to run a Landscape Assessment and determine its viability.


How do I know which brands to invest in?

Once Assessment is completed, next comes identifying and providing the right strategic guidance on prospective brands.


How do I deliver information to M&A Stakeholders?

With Assessment and Strategy complete, provide actionable insights and guidance with key and core data on selected brands.


How do I ensure the acquired Digital Native Brand has the right training to implement optimal eContent?

Ensuring quality of implementation requires trainings at global/market levels and syndication of eContent assets from your repository to eRetailers.


How do I measure the success of the acquired Digital Native Brand?

Defining the right metrics and KPIs for the brand and potential ROIs.

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