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Driving Competitive Advantage in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Through Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics must be at the heart of every business. Data & Analytics give you highly valuable insights and information about your customers, competition, efficiency and market opportunities. Businesses without a true understanding of Data & Analytics will fall behind. Our Data & Analytics training program will enable you to get a real grip of Data & Analytics, and leverage their power to vastly improve every aspect of your organisation’s performance.


6 modules

starting price

€450 / participant*

*assuming 30 participants to the standard training 


Online or face-to-face

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Who is this Corporate Training Program for?

Leaders of Consumer Packaged Goods companies

You want to develop a comprehensive understanding of Data & Analytics and related strategies in order to leverage their power and gain a significant competitive advantage. 

Consumer Packaged Goods companies - multifunctional teams 

You want to equip your teams with the practical knowledge and understanding of Data & Analytics that they need in order to help your business become more data-driven and thereby gain a significant competitive edge.

Consumer Packaged Goods companies - teams in multiple geographies 

You champion Data & Analytics because you understand the power they have to give your business a significant competitive advantage, and you therefore want to upskill your remote or multiple geography teams so that they can make the best possible use of them.

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Sign up NOW and help your company leverage the power of Data & Analytics in 2020

Gain a competitive advantage through Data & Analytics. Understand how they work, and learn how to develop effective data strategies. Get the most up-to-date insights relating to these hugely important assets, and put yourself ahead of your competition in 2020 and beyond

Duration: 3 hours

Delivery: Video on-demand or face-to-face

Choose the training program that suits your needs:

Standard program or customised program

​Number of participants


Key features of our Corporate Training Programs


The Driving Competitive Advantage in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Through Data & Analytics corporate training program has been designed by experts that have both extensive experience in leading data-driven operations, and in training businesses that want to leverage their data assets.


The standard Driving Competitive Advantage in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Through Data & Analytics corporate training program covers multiple categories. Nevertheless, we know that all organisations have their nuances, so this training program can be customised to suit your specific needs. Contact us to find out more about customisation.

Flexibility of class size and delivery

Our corporate training program dedicated to Driving Competitive Advantage in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Through Data & Analytics can be delivered in three different group sizes (small, medium and large) to match your company size and make the training cost-effective. We also give you the flexibility to choose how you would like us to deliver your training program: on-demand via online video using our dedicated platform; or face-to-face.

Interactivity and coaching

All participants have access to a forum where they can network, discuss, and share ideas. Participants can also contact a Data & Analytics consultant to ask them questions or to arrange a 1:1 chat throughout the duration of the training period. Participants can also schedule personal coaching sessions when they feel the need.

Details of the training program 

The training program consists of 6 modules. It includes handouts and tools.

  • MODULE 1: Data Revolution - Data’s new meaning and importance in the digital age
  • MODULE 2: Driving data as an asset – How to drive competitive advantage by fully leveraging data-driven insights in decision-making and value creation?
  • MODULE 3: The Impact of ‘Big Data’ & Analytics
  • MODULE 4: What’s the right framework for creating a data-centric organisation? The four layers of Data & Analytics
  • MODULE 5: Importance of Master Product Data
  • MODULE 6: Organisational challenges of Data 
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Handouts supporting your training program

  • The Data & Analytics Glossary
  • The Data & Analytics Slide Deck

Delivered by an industry-leading expert from the eBusiness Institute

Mert Burian

Mert Bürian 

Account Director & Senior Consultant

Get in touch to discuss your requirements