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Our areas of expertise, Keeping Ebusiness at the core of everything we do

eBusiness Transformation is the core of our business philosophy, it is entrenched in everything we deliver to our clients.

Our business objective? Simple. To help you grow your online sales.

eBusiness Institute focuses on six key areas that are deep-rooted in the digital transformation process, enabling you to fully leverage the future of digital.

How Ebusiness helps you understand and optimize the consumer experience

Your online consumer experience is like your store experience, it needs to be optimized and efficient to drive consumer loyalty.

eBusiness Institute helps you:

  • Understand your client’s consumer journey
  • Optimize the online sales process
  • Achieve real time insight with our Mystery Shopper proprietary tool

How eBusiness helps you achieve retailer excellence

Online retailers play a crucial role in your sales funnel. Are you optimized to work with them and better serve your consumers?

We can help you:

  • Increase conversion with compelling online content
  • Implement the right tools and processes to facilitate sales
  • Leverage tools such as Ratings & Reviews to your advantage

How Ebusiness helps you identify growth by effectively using audits

eBusiness Institute helps you assess and understand the current situation of your brand and teams in order to plan the route to eBusiness success.

  • Understand the current brand or company status
  • Identify gaps for growth
  • Assess organizational structure readiness for eBusiness
  • Analyze processes which are enablers or threats

How Ebusiness helps you leverage the minefield of analytics

With so much data to hand, does your company understand which data to leverage and how to use it in order to increase sales?

eBusiness Institute can help you:

  • Track KPIs for your online activities
  • Set up the right metrics for success
  • Set up effective tools to measure and optimize your path forward

How Ebusiness helps you achieve team synergy with powerful training

Team knowledge and alliance is central to the success of digital transformation.

  • Train from within instead of hiring externally
  • Enable the change from inside the company
  • Engage teams and excite them!

How Ebusiness helps you become future-ready by identifying trends and innovations

A new company is created every 5 minutes. Which one will impact your brand and/or your eBusiness?

At eBusiness Institute, we can help you:

  • Make sense of new trends and innovations being launched
  • Research relevant innovations that will prove advantageous to the prosperity of your business
  • Identify beneficial partners for business collaboration



As part of the work done at eBusiness Institute, we’ve observed a real shortfall in terms of creativity and consistent quality across the board. That sounds like a big statement to make, but it’s one that our team of leading brand and marketing experts are happy to stand by.

And it’s with this in mind that we’ve launched the eBusiness Institute Agency – a dedicated, multidisciplinary and highly skilled creative team focused on about delivering best-in-class creative and content outputs for our clients.

We manage the whole creative process from end-to-end – from initial insights and research through to creative ideas and best-in-class implementation.

Our extensive experience – ranging from FMCG to luxury – allows us to assess client needs and develop bespoke solutions.

We create rewarding brand experiences that both excite audiences and deliver real business results.

We energise your brand by creating powerful visual content.

We make it happen, consistently, across all touchpoints.

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