Visual search is becoming a reality!

Visual search is becoming a reality! What is visual search? Just point your phone camera at a celebrity, a landmark, a QR code or a famous piece of artwork and it’ll give you the necessary information about it. The smartphone is getting smarter as tech and internet companies inject increasingly sophisticated computer vision and object […]

Google I/O18 Top 3 Innovations

Google Duplex succeeds the Turing test

Google Duplex succeeds the Turing test Alan Turing the father of Artificial intelligence created the Turing test in 1950 to detect if a conversation was done by a machine or human. During the Google I/O developer event, Sundar Pichai (CEO) presented an experiment called “Duplex” where Google Assistant can make phone calls on your behalf, […]

The Voice Revolution: Is your Brand ready?

Is your Brand ready to join the Voice Revolution? Alexa, Cortana, Siri, OK Google, Voice is the fastest growing mass technology in history, twice faster than mobile adoption. Discover how brands are transforming their customer experience to win in the digital assistant era. Join our Voice Revolution webinar on Thursday, April 26 @ 11am CET […]

Google is entering the Voice Payment market

Google is entering the Voice Payment market! Google Assistants let you transfer money to friends using Google Pay in the US. Google continues it’s offensive on Amazon’s territories of voice commerce and frictionless payment. The first step is to get users accustomed to using Google Pay through Google Assistant for money transfers and then the […]

Voice activated commerce

Welcome to personal virtual assistants The trend to adopt personal virtual assistants and voice AI devices in the home is increasing at a rapid pace. It was pioneered by Amazon Echo, Dot, Show, Spot, Google Home, Google Home mini, and in the future with Apple Homepod. In 2017, owners of Alexa devices spent on average […]