Smart Voice China guide

In 2017, the global market revenue for smart speakers reached 4.4B USD. According to Statista, this number is expected to rise to almost 18B USD by 2022. While we tend to think of Alexa or Google home assistants as the primary digital assistants, there are some other big players that should not be forgotten; enter China.

Is Voice Search the Future of Digital Marketing?

The digital era has shifted the way we perceive, access and process information. Now there is an emerging technology that can transform search engines and digital marketing as we know them. Voice search is not simply another useful feature for devices. It’s a true game changer. Did you know that we speak around four times […]

How to optimise content for voice search?

How to optimise content for voice search?

How to make your website talks with the voice assistant? What is voice search? Voice Search is the ability to talk to a device and get answers back. Ask Google what the weather is, and he’ll tell you the current temperature and forecast for your location. Ask Alexa what is the most effective way to […]