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Retailer Landscape Hero Image

The Retailer Landscape is changing

In the second of a three-part series of articles based on a presentation that two of our experts, Mert Bürian and Yannis Boukas, delivered at PRS IN VIVO event, we show you why a brand’s strategic relationships with retailers are more important than ever.

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Don’t be scared – Halloween is a great sales opportunity

Halloween is an exciting time for brands to engage with consumers. In this article, our Amazon expert, Jérôme de Guigné, explores how the world’s biggest international marketplace can be the ideal place for brands to turn an event like Halloween into a sales phenomenon.

Mobile content is critical to online brand and sales success

In the third and final part of the blog series based on our CEO Luigi Matrone’s keynote to the Alcon Gaze eCommerce conference, we demonstrate the critical importance of quality mobile content to brand and sales success.

It takes great content to create a great Shopper Experience

In the second part of the blog series based on our CEO Luigi Matrone’s keynote to the Alcon Gaze, we explore why Great Content is critical for creating a great Shopping Experience.

How VR and AR are shaping the future of eCommerce

In this article, we take a deep dive into how VR and AR can shape the future of eCommerce – and ask if your business is ready for them.

Shopper Experience is a key driver of online success for brands

In the first part of a three-part series of blog posts on the expert insights shared by our CEO Luigi Matrone at Alcon Gaze 2019, we explore the critical importance of the online shopper experience.

How the Smart Consumer is driving new shopping habits

People are becoming increasingly savvy and particular when it comes to shopping and making choices online. And, as technology evolves and data becomes ubiquitous, the Smart Consumer will fine-tune everything they do.

The relentless rise of Amazon in digital media spend

As recent surveys on digital advertising in the US and in Europe show Amazon Advertising’s share of digital media spend is increasing, we explore the advantages of what Amazon Advertising has to offer.

Retail Digital Media at the heart of Roundel, Target’s new media company

Target, the US retailer, has announced the rebranding of its in-house media company, and we explore the important implications and exciting opportunities of this change for the US retailer and participating brands.

The Marketing Factory: Exploring the role of centralising and scaling content production in a world where thousands of assets have to be built – Post 4

In this post, we explore how data-driven marketing provides a number of key solutions to maintain a constantly evolving relationship with consumers and to successfully scale business on a global level, whilst keeping ahead of the competition and achieving sustainable profitability.