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China online shopping Featured Image

China’s online shopping culture offers a glimpse of the West’s future

The West may be embracing eCommerce in a big way – especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – but Chinese online shopping culture is on a whole new level.

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CVS offers brands the power of Retail Digital Media

Retail Digital Media will give Pharma brands the opportunity to reach customers at the point in their journeys when they are most likely to buy.

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A bright future for eCommerce

As the rise in the popularity of eCommerce continues unabated, we recommend strategies that brands and retailers should be using to capitalise on this trend and ensure future success.

eCommerce after lockdown Featured Image

Are you certain eCommerce will grow after lockdown?

In an article first published by Forbes Agency Council, our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone asks if the popularity of eCommerce will continue after the COVID-19 lockdown has passed – and looks to an historic precedent for answers.

Leveraging the omnichannel to win in the New Normal

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone offers brands and retailers a look at what successful shopping experiences will look like in the ‘New Normal’.

Can marketers keep up with the pace of change Featured

Can marketers keep up with the pace of change?

Our ‘Modern Marketer’ webinar series gives marketing teams a data-empowered framework and approach that will allow them to thrive in a fast-changing world.

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Does your organisation have an end-to-end content solution?

Product eContent drives consumer engagement and sales. But is your organisation set up to create high performing Product eContent assets across markets on a consistent basis?

How are top brands spending their money Featured Image

How are top brands spending their money?

Brands have historically reaped the rewards of increasing marketing spend during economic downturns. Here, we reflect on why it’s a winning strategy.

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Which channels do Modern Marketers need to master?

Is it better for a Modern Marketer to master one or two channels? Or to be a generalist with a strategic approach, cross-discipline competence and a strong grasp of data that enables them to make better-informed decisions?

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eCommerce copywriting is key to driving sales

With demand for online shopping skyrocketing, brands will need great eCommerce copywriting to stand out from the competition and drive sales in a post-COVID world.