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What are the next hot eCommerce trends?

What will the most important eCommerce trends of 2020 and beyond be? That’s the question that we put to our team of experts, who between them have an incredible amount of experience of advising brands on successful eCommerce strategies.

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Wonderflow interview with Luigi Matrone

Our CEO and founder, Luigi Matrone, has been interviewed by Wonderflow – the customer feedback solution that turns the Voice of the Customer into actionable insights – as part of a series that aims to inspire and aid true customer-centricity. The series looks to highlight the implementation and integration of customer experience and the voice of the customer in different sectors and industries.

Join our experts for the latest retail insights at the PRS IN VIVO business breakfast

Mert Bürian and Yannis Boukas, two of eBusiness Institute’s top consultants, will be key speakers at a business breakfast hosted by PRS IN VIVO at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva, on the morning of 8th October.

Is price all there is to win online? Highlights from Luigi Matrone’s Alcon Gaze keynote

Our CEO and Founder Luigi Matrone, a world-leading expert on eCommerce and digital consumer trends, was invited to be an Alcon Gaze keynote speaker at the inaugural event on 18th September.

Luigi Matrone to be a key speaker at groundbreaking Alcon Gaze 2019 conference on the future of eCommerce

Luigi Matrone, eBusiness Institute CEO and Founder, has been invited to speak at Alcon Gaze 2019 because he is recognised as a world-leading expert on eCommerce and digital transformation.

TikTok – it’s time brands got involved

In this article, we look at the enormous potential of video app TikTok as a tool for influencing online shopping among young people.

Expert insights from Luigi Matrone in his latest keynote: how is the consumer packaged goods industry changing?

Luigi Matrone, our Founder and CEO, recently delivered an extensive Keynote covering the major trends that are shaping the future of this sector.

Inspirational Commerce: a New Chapter in the Evolution of eCommerce

In a world where influencers are having an ever-increasing impact, understanding their role and how it is constantly evolving helps us to predict future changes and is vital for creating successful marketing strategies. Following our piece on livestreaming, we explore inspirational commerce as the new chapter in the evolution of eCommerce.

Livestreaming: the latest trend in eCommerce

Livestreaming is expected to become a $70.5 billion industry by 2021 and has the potential to be a powerful eCommerce channel. Let us know what you think.

On the road to success: eBusiness Institute’s expansion into bespoke, contemporary new offices

As innovators, we are mindful that we must constantly strive to capture opportunities to evolve within the dynamic and progressive world of digital eCommerce.