How will COVID-19 impact Black Friday 2020?

Will Black Friday 2020 be as lucrative an opportunity for brands and retailers as it has been in previous years?   This holiday shopping season will be unlike any we’ve seen before, thanks to the global and all-encompassing impact of COVID-19. All eyes are therefore on the Western world’s most celebrated shopping day, Black Friday, which takes place on […]

Navigate the new world with Big Data

New World Big Data Featured Image

It’s vital that marketers get a firm grasp of Big Data & AI if they are to deliver successful strategies and activations in the post-pandemic ‘new world’.

H.O.W can you become a Modern Marketer?

Become a Modern Marketer Featured Image

Mert Bürian, Senior Marketing & eCommerce Consultant at eBusiness Institute, recently delivered a free webinar on ‘H.O.W can you become a Modern Marketer?’ as a taster for our popular ‘Modern Marketer’ capability building program – here’s a summary of this successful session.