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Rethinking customer-centricity in the new world

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone explains why organisations risk failing in the new world if they don’t put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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The five megatrends that will shape the post-COVID world

We’re pleased to be able to share a summary of the presentation our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone delivered to the P&G Alumni Network on the five Megatrends now shaping business and society.

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Davos 2020: shaping the future of the digital economy

We’ve told you about how our CEO Luigi Matrone is among the experts at Davos 2020 and have shared the key learnings from the ‘Shaping the future of consumption’ session. Here, we pull out the highlights from ‘Shaping the future of the digital economy’.

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Davos 2020: shaping the future of consumption

While our CEO, Luigi Matrone, is participating in Davos 2020, we want to share some of the great content coming out of the sessions taking place under the theme ‘Better Business’, such as ‘Shaping the future of consumption’.

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Wonderflow interview with Luigi Matrone

Our CEO and founder, Luigi Matrone, has been interviewed by Wonderflow – the customer feedback solution that turns the Voice of the Customer into actionable insights – as part of a series that aims to inspire and aid true customer-centricity. The series looks to highlight the implementation and integration of customer experience and the voice of the customer in different sectors and industries.

How the Smart Consumer is driving new shopping habits

People are becoming increasingly savvy and particular when it comes to shopping and making choices online. And, as technology evolves and data becomes ubiquitous, the Smart Consumer will fine-tune everything they do.

McDonald’s; from Big Mac to Big Data

McDonald’s has made a significant investment in its technology. The Chicago-based fast food chain better known for producing the Big Mac than big data, announced yesterday that it would be purchasing the personalization specialist company, Dynamic Yield, for a reported $300m.

In 2018 make decisions, not resolutions

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve the resolutions they set for the new year? Watch our CEO Luigi Matrone explain why we are much more prone to achieve decisions than resolutions. Happy New Year on behalf of the whole e-Business Institute team!