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CVS offers brands the power of Retail Digital Media

Retail Digital Media will give Pharma brands the opportunity to reach customers at the point in their journeys when they are most likely to buy.

The stage is set for Augmented Reality

AR is no longer just a potentially exciting new technology – some of the world’s most successful online retailers are now leveraging it to reduce returns and enhance shopping experiences.

Do your Sales teams need to upskill to meet tomorrow’s eCommerce opportunities?

The companies that thrive in the future will be the ones that prepare for change and upskill their people to meet tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. This is very much true of companies that want to maximise eCommerce growth.

How your brand can boost its online sales this holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching, our CEO Luigi Matrone shows you strategies and tactics your business should implement to take full advantage of this incredible annual eCommerce sales opportunity.

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How we help brands select the best strategic retail partners

This is the third and final part in our blog article series based on the keynote our experts delivered at the PRS IN VIVO business breakfast. In the first, we covered the evolution of the consumer journey; in the second, how the retailer landscape is changing. Here, we give you a flavour of the tried-and-tested methodology we use to help brands select the right retail partner.

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Do you have a strategy for taking advantage of the Singles Day sales phenomenon?

China’s Singles Day dwarfs the West’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping days in terms of engagement and sales. And Singles Day – and the powers like Alibaba that drive it – very much have the West in their sights. So, what can Western eCommerce platforms and brands learn in order to take advantage of this incredible sales opportunity?

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The Retailer Landscape is changing

In the second of a three-part series of articles based on a presentation that two of our experts, Mert Bürian and Yannis Boukas, delivered at PRS IN VIVO event, we show you why a brand’s strategic relationships with retailers are more important than ever.

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Don’t be scared – Halloween is a great sales opportunity

Halloween is an exciting time for brands to engage with consumers. In this article, our Amazon expert, Jérôme de Guigné, explores how the world’s biggest international marketplace can be the ideal place for brands to turn an event like Halloween into a sales phenomenon.

Big brands in attendance as our experts reveal new retail landscape insights at PRS IN VIVO business breakfast

In this article, we give a quick summary of the retail landscape insights Mert Bürian and Yannis Boukas presented at the PRS IN VIVO business breakfast in Geneva.