A five-step approach to creating stellar Product eContent

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone is a contributor to the prestigious Forbes Agency Council, where experts share best practices with the Forbes business community. In an article he wrote for Forbes that we’ve reproduced here, Luigi describes the five-step process we use at eBusiness Institute to create stellar Product eContent.

email marketing not dead featured image

Email marketing – the best ‘new’ old way to engage your audiences

Time has been called on email marketing more times than we can remember. But, as our CEO Luigi Matrone shows, email marketing is very much alive and kicking – and remains a vital part of brand strategy.

Mobile content is critical to online brand and sales success

In the third and final part of the blog series based on our CEO Luigi Matrone’s keynote to the Alcon Gaze eCommerce conference, we demonstrate the critical importance of quality mobile content to brand and sales success.

It takes great content to create a great Shopper Experience

In the second part of the blog series based on our CEO Luigi Matrone’s keynote to the Alcon Gaze, we explore why Great Content is critical for creating a great Shopping Experience.

How VR and AR are shaping the future of eCommerce

In this article, we take a deep dive into how VR and AR can shape the future of eCommerce – and ask if your business is ready for them.

Is price all there is to win online? Highlights from Luigi Matrone’s Alcon Gaze keynote

Our CEO and Founder Luigi Matrone, a world-leading expert on eCommerce and digital consumer trends, was invited to be an Alcon Gaze keynote speaker at the inaugural event on 18th September.

Getting down with the kids on TikTok

We explore TikTok as a powerful channel for influencing teen behaviour because we see big western brands and agencies ignoring this phenomenon.

China is the trendsetter for the digital economy

In this article we delve into the role played by China as the trendsetter for pioneering and exciting online consumer experiences.

How the Smart Consumer is driving new shopping habits

People are becoming increasingly savvy and particular when it comes to shopping and making choices online. And, as technology evolves and data becomes ubiquitous, the Smart Consumer will fine-tune everything they do.

How to optimise your Product eContent using Computer Generated Imagery

Computer generated imagery has the potential to empower company branding and enhance customer engagement which makes it the ideal solution for many Product eContent challenges.