Singles Day 2020 – will it be the biggest ever?

Singles Day 2020 Featured Image

Despite being launched into the turmoil of an ongoing global pandemic, we can still expect Alibaba’s Singles Day 2020 to be phenomenal, as the world’s largest shopping bonanza aims to hit unprecedented heights. Singles Day 2020 is almost here – Image source: Alamy The history behind the event Singles Day was launched in China in […]

The stage is set for Augmented Reality

AR is no longer just a potentially exciting new technology – some of the world’s most successful online retailers are now leveraging it to reduce returns and enhance shopping experiences.

YouTube embraces shoppable ads

YouTube shoppable ads offer brands a new way to influence online shoppers – we show how brands can leverage this powerful channel to drive conversions.

How brands can win on WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay Featured Image

Western brands will need to invest heavily in their Product eContent if they are to compete on the new WhatsApp Pay social commerce platform.