The stage is set for Augmented Reality

AR is no longer just a potentially exciting new technology – some of the world’s most successful online retailers are now leveraging it to reduce returns and enhance shopping experiences.

How VR and AR are shaping the future of eCommerce

In this article, we take a deep dive into how VR and AR can shape the future of eCommerce – and ask if your business is ready for them.

Guest Interview: eSports and FMCG marketing dollars, the perfect marriage?

Picture the scene: the arena is packed with a swarm of excited buzzing fans in their thousands, commentators hurriedly reporting the action in every known language broadcast live on Twitch; teams are analysed, game strategy is scrutinised, past performances are debated, predictions are made.

Are We on the Verge of Re-defining Our Real & Physical World?

Digitalisation has been transforming our interactions from physical to digital for decades and new technologies like virtual reality will continue to foster such transformation. Recognising the true impact of digital in our past might give us the key to read and anticipate the future possibilities and opportunities, hence becoming influencers of it rather than mere spectators.

How will Augmented Reality improve customer experience?

Apple has recently announced ARKit2.0 (Augmented Reality Kit 2.0) an advanced platform for developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.