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We transform knowledge into learning at scale

brAIn is an AI co-pilot that unlocks advanced knowledge management and learning capabilities for your organisation.

  • Access any knowledge, no matter where it’s stored in your organisation
  • Transform knowledge into high-quality, digestible learning on demand
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The challenge

Every day, companies generate insights, implement winning initiatives and bring innovation into their ways of working. But this enterprise knowledge often remains siloed within the organisation, making it difficult to access, absorb, and apply. More often than not, organisations fail to capitalise on these learnings and practices and, in some cases, they even duplicate the information and activities as they’re unaware that it already exists somewhere else.

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Our solution

brAIn is an AI co-pilot that unlocks a new level of managing and consuming knowledge in your organisation. By combining both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative Models, brAIn supercharges your existing stack to make use of all your knowledge repositories and transform them into high-quality learning in a matter of minutes.

Enterprise Knowledge Management, reimagined

Unlock unprecedented access to your enterprise knowledge thanks to brAIn AI-powered search capabilities.

  • brAIn harnesses the power of an advanced NLP model to conduct a contextual search of your data, and instantly provides you with the most relevant information.
  • By indexing knowledge with enhanced metadata, brAIn enables the search across any internal or external data source, both on your structured data (SQL) and unstructured data (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, videos, etc).
  • The output of your knowledge queries is ranked with a relevancy score that enables you to instantly review only the most appropriate information. The scoring parameters are fully configurable to your organisation, enabling knowledge curation adapted to your needs.


The brAIn Knowledge Management Module is the answer if you want to:

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Learning and building capabilities at scale

Experience unprecedented speed to build capabilities in the skills that matter to your organisation, thanks to brAIn AI-generated micro-learnings.

  • brAIn harnesses the power of a large-language GPT model to safely transform your enterprise knowledge into real-time learnings.
  • The automated prompt engineering feature of brAIn makes the development of highly relevant microlearning an easy task for everyone in your organisation, regardless of their tech-savviness or learning background.
  • Each microlearning comes with a quality score and citations to ensure you select the most relevant content for your organisation.


The brAIn MicroLearning Module is the answer if you want to:

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Security & data privacy

Adaptive to learning needs

brAIn leverages Azure OpenAI services by Microsoft to offer a secure and enterprise-level experience when consuming OpenAI models

AMA - Decisions driven by data

Web application protection and data encryption

Advanced Marketing Analytics - Make sense of unstructured data

Your company data is not stored by external vendors and is not used for training purposes


Accelerating Onboardings

See how brAIn helped a professional services company benefit from 10x faster onboarding.

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Building new capabilities at scale

See how brAIn leveraged OpenAI models to streamline a CPG company’s marketing trainings by generating automated cheat sheets.

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