Amazon to upward of $800 million

WPP, Omnicom & Publicis plan to increase Amazon ad spending to $800 million

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“WPP, Omnicom, and Publicis plan to increase their ad spending with Amazon to upward of $800 million, collectively, according to multiple agency executives”. Alexandra Bruell, The Wall Street Journal


What does this mean?

In 2017, the top 3 major advertising agencies spent half a billion dollars in advertising on Amazon.  In 2018, they plan to increase this figure by at least 40-50%.  These agencies have embraced the Retail Digital Media revolution, recognizing Amazon as an indispensable Media Sales House alongside Facebook and Google.  But Amazon has one unique and important competitive advantage: its ability to drive direct purchase, which should positively impact media ROI.  And behind those media agencies are a multitude of brands gearing up to develop more plans with Amazon and other eRetailers.

Understanding how to successfully activate Retail Digital Media is more important than over to grow sales and gain a competitive advantage.

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