Why the Google Answer Box is critical in the voice assistant search era?

Why the Google Answer Box is critical in the voice assistant search era?

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By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches according to Comscore.

Voice search and conversational commerce will emerge as the most convenient way for consumers to get the things they need and want. Brands will realise that a voice presence and a high voice search ranking are essential to their survival.

Learn how the Google Answer Box is important in the voice assistant era. The answer box is the only answer given by google assistant to a user question. On a mobile web page the Google Answer Box is located on top of the search engine result page (SERP), this is the best page location to generate traffic to your site or voice application.

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Did you know that in the voice search era brands are either winners or losers?

Hi and Welcome to this new Digital Insights. Today we are going to explore the Google Answer Box that is used by Google assistant to respond to a user voice query.

Why is the Google Answer Box so important?

The “Google Answer Box” also called “Zero” ranking is the summary of an answer to a user’s query displayed at the top of Google’s search result.

#1 Google Answer Box is the only and single answer tool used by Google Home/Assistant

The virtual assistant will only speak about the “Zero” ranking, so you definitely want this search spot for your brand. The winner takes it all.

#2 Google Answer Box is located on the top of page, the best screen position

It is above the rest of the search results and above the “10 blue” links ranking. On mobile, it takes up to 25% of the screen. This prime location will provide a high click through rate.

#3 Google Answer Box boosts your organic traffic to your site / app / skill.

Capturing the Answer box means increased traffic to your site, app or skill. It also provides increased perceived credibility because you are helping customers along their shopper journey.

#4 Google Answer Box leverages long tail keywords and sentences.

Voice Search users tend to use specifics long tail search phrases. for example “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant” versus “Italian restaurant” on the desktop.

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