Who's responsible for Retail Digital Media?

Who’s responsible for Retail Digital Media?

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On this infographic we look at the governance of Retail Digital Media.

Every time we work with a client, the same question arises: Who should be in charge of Retail Digital Media? Is it sales, marketing or the media team?

The answer is simple: you need to combine the expertise of all three teams.

Read our infographic to understand the organizational challenge imposed by Retail Digital Media and the starting point to tackle them.

Want to know more about who should manage Retail Digital Media? Watch our short video here.

Follow the Retail Digital Media Governance Infographic link to download the high-resolution version or a PDF version

Authors: Alexia André, Jordane Beller

At the eBusiness Institute, we have been studying the Retail Digital Media  space since 2015.  Get in touch  to know more and leverage this opportunity as a competitive advantage for your company


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