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How to optimise your brand for the voice search revolution?

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Is your business optimised for the voice search revolution?

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches according to Comscore. Voice Search is the most disruptive opportunity for a marketer today! Understand how this method of search and discovery via virtual assistant will change buying cycles, consumer experience and even brand preferences for the years to come. Learn how to increase your brand visibility in the search era.

Voice Search is the ability to talk to a device and get answers back. Ask Google what the weather is, and he’ll tell you the current temperature and forecast for your location. Ask Alexa what is the most effective way to remove a wine stain, and she will give you tips and tricks as well as the most relevant product for that particular topic. Think how Alexa / Google can recommend your brand as a reply to  a user question. This is game changing and very powerful.

Voice search statistics

What is the Google answer box?

The “Google Answer Box” or “Featured snippet block” or “Zero” ranking is the summary of an answer to a user’s query. It is displayed at the top of Google’s search result. This is prime screen real estate, above any other search ranking.

The Google answer box is the only and single answer used by Google assistant.
In the voice search era you are either a winner or a loser. The virtual assistant will only speak about the “Zero” result, so you definitely want that search spot for your brand. The winner takes it all…

The Google Answer box is located on the top of the page, the best screen position.
It’s above all other search results. Above the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) and “10 blue” links ranking. On mobile, it’s up to 25% of screen. This prime location will provide a high click through rate (CTR) on desktop and mobile search.

Google Answer Box

Voice search best practices:

    1. To be found in the voice search era, brands have to build a more effective content marketing strategy to win the Answer Box. This can be achieved by optimising topics that reflect the intent of your audience instead of just improving branded keywords. When a brand focuses its content strategy on the intent of the audience, it will better address the real needs of the customers.——————————————————————
    2. The content that you create should solve challenges, or answer questions, that your audience most frequently has early in the customer journey. It is also essential to connect with customers at the right moment of their journey. —————————————————————
    3. Optimise for short attention spans. It is essential for your brand to connect with customers at the right moment. Google outlines the following moments that every marketer should know: I-want-to-know moment; I-want-to-go moment; I-want-to-do moment, I-want-to-buy moment —————————————————————
    4. Create a FAQ page – Frequently Asked Questions. Your FAQ page should provide answers to common questions that your users may ask. By figuring out what questions your customers are asking, you can create the type of content that they are most likely to find useful and relevant.——————————————————————————————————————————

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