Voice Search the Future

Is Voice Search the Future of Digital Marketing?

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The digital era has shifted the way we perceive, access and process information. Now there is an emerging technology that can transform search engines and digital marketing as we know them. Voice search is not simply another useful feature for devices. It’s a true game changer. Did you know that we speak around four times faster than we type?

It’s not much of a surprise that voice search services are growing and delighting users all over the world. In fact, it is expected that 50% of searches worldwide will be done through voice search by 2020.

This means that digital marketers will have to prepare for the voice search era and create content that accommodates the new consumer experience and buying cycles. It’s all about creating optimised strategies that take advantage of the voice search engines.


What is Voice Search?

Voice search consists of browsing a search engine with your voice. It’s a technology that enables users to speak into their devices and obtain answers from it. It’s a farewell to typing and reading. With voice search, you can basically do everything by just talking and listening Google Voice Search is the main product that delivers this innovative feature. It sets your device to search for data when asked a specific question. However, the virtual assistant will only provide you with one answer, the first one that shows up in the results.


Google Answer Box and the Zero Result

That’s when you start realising how important the Google Answer Box can be for business and Commerce. Let’s be honest, you probably only read the first and immediate answer Google provides when you search for or ask something.

Also known as “Zero”, this is the prime screen result that appears above any other search ranking in Google. It’s a summary or simple answer to a user’s query and it’s an exclusive spot. Only one brand can occupy this space at a time. Now, you can probably understand why it matters so much.


How Does Voice Search Change Digital Marketing and SEO?

In practical terms, voice search is a disruptive opportunity that involves deep changes in how digital marketing content is created. First of all, marketers need to understand that short keywords and static buying cycles are part of the past.

Voice search empowers businesses and it facilitates conversational commerce. Furthermore, voice search is already emerging as the most convenient way for consumers to find what they really want. It’s only a matter of time until brands realise that they need a voice search strategy.


5 Content Strategies to Be Found in the Voice Search Era

1. Win the Google Answer Box – Get the prime spot for your brand and increase your organic traffic by simply optimising your content for voice search. Shift your marketing strategy and consider the intent of your audience. What are they looking for? What questions do they have?

2. Consider Your Audience’s Pains – How well do you know your audience and their personalities? Get a real understanding of their needs and worries and create effective content for the different stages of your customer’s journey. It’s important to reach your customers at the right time.

3. Get Smart with Your Content – Create content with real value for your audience. Choose formats and media types that best suit your customers. Be present on adequate channels and re-share on relevant listing websites.

4. Create FAQs That Answer the Five W’s & H – Provide simple and effective answers to common questions that your customers might ask about your business. Go back to the basics and work on solutions with who, what, where, when, why and how.

5. SEO and Long Tail Keyword Changes – Build your SEO by targeting search intent and by considering the different buying cycles of your audience. Start focusing on long tail keywords and include key phrase in your headers.


Prepare Yourself for the Voice Search Revolution

Do you wish to know more about voice search and how can your brand benefit from it? Perhaps, you are wondering how you can grow your brand’s visibility and digital presence with voice search optimisation procedures.

To learn how to optimise your content for voice searches watch the video:

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