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Visual search is becoming a reality!

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What is visual search?

Just point your phone camera at a celebrity, a landmark, a QR code or a famous piece of artwork and it’ll give you the necessary information about it.

The smartphone is getting smarter as tech and internet companies inject increasingly sophisticated computer vision and object recognition functions into hardware and software. The ability to “understand” what the user is pointing their camera at and “read” the image has opened the door for visual search, which is the ability to search for content using a smartphone’s camera, rather than text or voice. In some instances, visual search is faster and more accurate than text or voice. Images can cut through ambiguities that occur when users try to describe objects in text, which makes visual search highly useful for mobile shopping and e-commerce platforms. As usage takes off and the visual search experience improves, it’s set to disrupt several other industries.

Google Lens is an app that allows your smartphone to work as a visual search engine. By taking a photo of a shop your phone can tell you its name, deliver reviews, and even tell you if your friends have been there.

Those using Pinterest can take a photo of a person or place through the app and then have the photo analysed for clothing or homeware options for shopping. 

Seeing is believing: the eCommerce journey and product discovery phases will be disrupted by visual search. Start integrating this technology today into your mobile app and website to be future ready!

Why Voice & Visual Search is the ultimate solution?

We’ve already witnessed Amazon moving into the visual search space with their Echo Look, Spot, and Show products. These devices solve a major issue with retailing products in the era of voice search — how can the consumer be certain that what they asked for is what they will get? Will it be what they expect? This is a current hurdle when using Alexa to shop. Alexa can describe the product all day long, but at the end of the day, a picture is still worth a thousand words.


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