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There has never been a better time to upskill your teams

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Organisations need to immediately invest in upskilling their teams and building the capabilities needed to succeed in the new world we find ourselves in.

It goes without saying that now is a time of enormous, accelerated change for global society and businesses alike.[1]

Some organisations have struggled to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis lockdown because of a gap in skills and the lack of tools, work from home technologies and processes that are essential in a crisis like this. 

Those companies are suffering now because they didn’t properly invest in a Digital Transformation or Capability Building programs for their teams. 

Others, though, have thrived[2] and been able to grasp the incredible eCommerce opportunity that quarantine has created thanks to their commitment to constantly upskilling people at all levels of their organisation and giving them the digital tools to succeed.

If your organisation hasn’t already done so, there has never been a better time to upskill your teams than now[3]. And if your company doesn’t, it could be left behind.

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Have your teams had the skills, capabilities, mindsets and tools needed to help your business thrive during the COVID-19 crisis? – Image source: Shutterstock

eCommerce demand sky-rocketing

The popularity of Online Retailing was already rapidly on the increase before the advent of the coronavirus, reaching 16 per cent of all retail sales in 2019 – and expected to rise further.[4]

And then the global COVID-19 quarantine came along. 

Those people that had previously rejected the idea of online shopping are suddenly being forced into buying their essentials online. They will come to realise how easy and convenient it is to shop this way. How much choice there is. What a relief it is to be able to research or order products at any point in the day. 

These habits will solidify, and become long-term behaviours. 

Why put up with the hassle of going to a supermarket and having to trudge home with bags of shopping when you can order it from the comfort of your home? And have it delivered to your door?[5]

But – and this is a big but – will your business be able to meet the growing expectations of existing and new online shoppers over the next decade? 

Will your teams be able to satisfy that demand in the way that your competitors or new entrants into your markets are able to do so?

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FMCG eCommerce sales have sky-rocketed during the COVID-19 quarantine, and the popularity of buying these products will continue once the crisis ends – Image source: Common Thread Collective

Are you able to make clear and quick decisions?

There is no place for hesitation or blockers in a crisis like this. 

Managers and leaders must have the tools at their disposal to act quickly and make clear decisions. They must be able to grasp eCommerce digital activation and sales opportunities like those offered by changing consumer behaviours during lockdown. 

And their teams must be able to act on these decisions while working from remote locations.

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There are no barriers when you learn online, and our Capability Building interactive webinars give attendees access to the best practical tools and skills needed for success – Image source: Shutterstock

But it’s not just a question of having great technology and remote working tools. The most important aspects of any Digital Transformation are your people and their ongoing learning and development needs.

Your people need to have an agile mindset, be well-prepared for changes of marketing or sales direction, and be equipped to get on with the tasks that they need to perform. And they will only acquire those through training or Capability Building

H.O.W. to build the capabilities needed to thrive

eBusiness Institute’s H.O.W. capability building programs – like our Mastering Online Retailing interactive webinar series – are designed to bring your organisation fully up-to-date with the eCommerce skills needed to thrive; now and in the future. 

Mastering Online Retailing consists of 10 interactive webinars that will enable your organisation to rapidly update its eCommerce capabilities, leverage proven tools for setting short and long-term strategies, and – ultimately – achieve online sales goals.

As the popularity of online shopping continues to rise and customer expectations become more challenging, you will need to make sure that your teams can adapt and have the leading-edge knowledge and skills to take advantage of new trends.

In conclusion – preparing for the world of the future

COVID-19 may be one of the worst crises we’ve ever faced, but it will – in time – pass.

But what kind of world will it leave us with? And will you be prepared for other crises when they inevitably occur?

A McKinsey Global Institute report before the COVID-19 pandemic predicted that by 2030, as many as 375 million workers globally will have to master fresh skills as their current jobs evolve alongside the rise of automation and technology.[6]

We believe that figure will now need to be much higher as a result of the crisis and the change that it has accelerated. 

If you worry that your business and people are not in a position to adapt to and thrive in this new world, then you must act now. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn how we can help you fill your organisation’s skills gaps, invest in the right tools and build the capabilities your teams will need to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

This article was written and created by the eBusiness Institute team.

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