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The era of voice promotion and advertising just kicked off!

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Target launched the first voice activated coupon with Google home assistant.

Alexa digital assistant and Amazon echo smart speaker invented the voice activated commerce with the possibilities to add a product to your Amazon basket by just a voice command. This wasback in 2015 and has since evolved rapidly

Today voice should be considered as a new sales channel that can bridge the off/on line retail experience. Target, one of the biggest US retailers joined Google assistant to launch the first voice activated coupon promotion with a 15$ offer on Goggle express delivery services in the US.

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A Google spokesperson said in an email that “Google Express customers can complete purchases hands-free through the Google Assistanand to raise awareness for this feature, we were running a pilot with Target to help educate customers about this capability.”

As voice commerce will mature, new promotional learning and advertising trial will forge the next voice activated customer experience. eBusiness Institute anticipates that it will be a revolution compared with the online advertisement disrupting traditional media business model. Google and Target have a strong partnership here for eCommerce via voice. It’s not all about trying a coupon, it’s a plan by two massive brands to reinvent commerce and win against Amazon, the largest retailer.

Today in the United States, 20% of the adult population have a smart speaker access. For Europe it’s a newish feature with services available just in UK, Germany and soon in France with Alexa. Don’t forget, we speak 4 times faster than we type so voice activated services and conversational commerce are there to stay and become widely available.

Become voice ready before your competitor and win new voice consumers that will be likely to spend more than regular visitors according to Amazon. The quickest your business becomes prepared to start leveraging the smart speaker and voice assistant media channel, this will set you apart from your competition. Furthermore, you will be perceived as an innovator in your category.

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