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How retailers and manufacturers can excel at their online experiences

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Luigi Matrone CEO & Founder of (EBI) e-business institute presents at the GS1 forum in Brussels

Luigi Matrone CEO & Founder of the (EBI) e-business institute will share how manufacturers and retailers can excel at their online experiences at the GS1 forum in Brussels in the workshop: Retail: There’s no such thing as fully offline shopping, held on Wednesday 28th February at 15.30h CET


Luigi Matrone speaking at TedX
Luigi Matrone speaking at TedX in 2017



Historically companies have placed a high level of attention on their offline experiences. However, when it comes to translating them into an online experience, not all of them keep the same level of detail. This is a big mistake as customers expect the same level of attention online as they get offline.

New technologies allow retailers and manufacturers to create Omnichannel experiences that support online and offline seamlessly.


All about technology at T-Mall’s pop up smart store

All about technology at T-Mall’s pop up smart store



By creating personalised experiences, the shopping experience will be enhanced  by:

  • Understanding the consumer
  • Outstanding basics in place, like Content and Data
  • Supporting throughout the Shopping Journey, making it become an “Experience” in itself
  • Delighting the shopper with WOW innovations.
  • Focusing on the personalisation

In order for Retailers and Manufactures to provide such level of excellence, they need to place the shopper at the center of their Omnichannel experience and build customised content around him or her.


Omnichannel experience anywhere, anytime
Omnichannel experience anywhere, anytime


If you are at the GS1 Global Forum, get in touch with Luigi to exchange views, otherwise, you can leave your details here and we’ll provide you with the presentation soon


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About Luigi and the e-Business Institute:

 Luigi Matrone

(EBI) e-business institute


About the (EBI) e-business institute at the GS1 Forum:

(EBI) e-business institute‘s Vision:

The E-Business Institute has been created to “enable” the business transformation and support medium-large organizations in the most complex change management era they have ever experienced. We believe that only those companies capable to adapt their business, organization, and leadership to the new reality will be able to survive and thrive. For this, we are creating not just a “consulting” company but an “institute”.

“Institute” in one of its Latin meanings stands for “to set up, establish”; we believe it is time to establish new business practices and support companies in their transformation journey providing knowledge, education and End to End support instead of just high level strategic framework that will remain in the drawings or simply save someone’s job.

GS1’s Vision & Mission:

At GS1, our vision is a world where things and related information move efficiently and securely for the benefit of businesses and improvement of people’s lives, every day, everywhere.

Our mission is to be the neutral leader enabling communities to develop and implement global standards providing the tools, trust, and confidence needed to achieve our vision.

(EBI) e-business institute & GS1 Common goals:  We believe that together we enable de industry with scalable solutions.


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