How should brands use Facebook and Instagram Shops?

Are you as excited as we are about Facebook and Instagram Shops? Learn about how we think brands should be using these groundbreaking new eCommerce channels.

Digital Transformation People Technology Featured Image

People before technology – the number one rule in Digital Transformation

You could be forgiven for thinking that technology is the most important factor in any Digital Transformation. But, as our considerable experience of guiding clients through Digital Transformations tells us, people are actually the most important factor.

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Could you improve the way you manage your Retail Digital Media?

Your organisation’s Sales teams must improve their capabilities and master the fundamentals if they are to enjoy success in the increasingly lucrative Retail Digital Media channel. Learn ‘H.O.W.’ we can help them do so.

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There has never been a better time to upskill your teams

Organisations need to immediately invest in upskilling their teams and building the capabilities needed to succeed in the new world we find ourselves in.

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Have you got the Product eContent assets you need to win online?

Great Product eContent drives sales by creating excellent online shopping experiences that influence consumers to buy. Do you have all the Product eContent assets you need to win online?

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Boost your brand’s visibility on the online shelf

We are experts in Retail Search and Retail Digital Media, which will help increase the visibility of a brand’s products on the online shelf and make them leap out at shoppers when they’re in a buying mindset.

Do your Sales teams need to upskill to meet tomorrow’s eCommerce opportunities?

The companies that thrive in the future will be the ones that prepare for change and upskill their people to meet tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. This is very much true of companies that want to maximise eCommerce growth.

How does Retail Digital Media help increase conversions?

What is Retail Digital Media (RDM), and how can it help brands drive sales of their products on eRetailer platforms?

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Why Retail Search is as important as Google for attracting customers

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone explains why Retail Search is as important as Google when it comes to consumers researching products to buy online.

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Product eContent is key to customer experience success

Product eContent is vital for eCommerce success, but do your teams have the skills needed to Master Online Retailing and maximise eCommerce growth?