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Why Retail Search is as important as Google for attracting customers

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone explains why Retail Search is as important as Google when it comes to consumers researching products to buy online.

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Product eContent is key to customer experience success

Product eContent is vital for eCommerce success, but do your teams have the skills needed to Master Online Retailing and maximise eCommerce growth?

How Pharma Companies with OTC portfolios can win through Online Retailing

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone sees a fantastic opportunity for Pharmaceutical Companies that own OTC (Over the Counter) and Consumer Healthcare products to enjoy great success through Online Retailing. But they’ll have to act fast.

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eCommerce spending going through the roof due to the coronavirus

Social distancing and the difficulty people are facing in getting to physical stores mean that some eCommerce categories are experiencing extraordinary demand – we explain how brands can stand out from the crowd.

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Have Big Data & AI internal capability gaps been barriers to your company’s success during COVID-19?

Companies with Big Data & AI internal capabilities that allow them to spot opportunities and anticipate problems have thrived during the COVID-19 crisis.

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How to help your Retail Partners win in the post-COVID era

Do you rely on physical stores or salons as primary or key distribution channels? Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone explores how digital activations could play a key role in helping such businesses generate demand and kick-start sales again when the COVID-19 crisis comes to an end.

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Crisis = Opportunity: Now is the time to strengthen your digital presence

There is no doubting that COVID-19 is a crisis. But read our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone’s article to find out why he is adamant that the global quarantine is also a remarkable Digital Commerce opportunity that brands have to grasp.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is too good an eCommerce opportunity to miss

Valentine’s Day can be a huge eCommerce sales opportunity for brands, so which strategies and tactics can help your company make the most of it?

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What are the next hot eCommerce trends?

What will the most important eCommerce trends of 2020 and beyond be? That’s the question that we put to our team of experts, who between them have an incredible amount of experience of advising brands on successful eCommerce strategies.

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Five technology trends that will disrupt consumer interaction in the 2020s

In this year’s first edition of our CEO newsletter, Luigi Matrone reveals the technology trends that he believes will most disrupt the way that brands interact with consumers in the 2020s.