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Meet the trainer – Niko Voutselas

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Niko Voutselas is a Senior Account Director at eBusiness Institute. He’s an expert in eCommerce, a member of the eBusiness Institute Leadership Team and the Lead Trainer for our popular Mastering Online Retailing Capability Building Program, a series of interactive webinars. Here, Niko tells us about the Free Introductory Webinar he will be hosting on 29th October, which is being offered as a taster session of the Mastering Online Retailing program – and why organisations looking to maximise their eCommerce growth should attend.

To sign up for our Free Introductory Webinar ‘H.O.W to Master Online Retailing’ and learn what it takes to win at eCommerce in today’s environment, just click here.

Niko, can you tell us a little bit about why you believe Mastering Online Retailing is crucial in today’s reality?

The sheer acceleration in global demand for eCommerce has caught many companies off-guard.  Analysts McKinsey have referred to the rapid transformation of the retail landscape as being equivalent to ‘five years’ worth of change in just eight weeks’.  The change has forced some previously complacent companies to try – with great difficulty – to quickly adopt start-up mentalities and approaches that they’re just not suited to.  The eCommerce opportunity is of course enormous – and it’s only set to continue on an upward curve.  But organisations have so much to prepare for before they’re ready for this new reality, including the need for: a redesign of consumer journeys, new capabilities and roles in their teams, new ways of working and better use of technologies and data. It’s a big challenge for any organisation. But Mastering Online Retailing is specifically designed to help companies develop the necessary capabilities and create a path to success.

What is this Free Introductory Webinar you’re hosting on 29th October all about?

Firstly, attendees have the option to join a morning (10am CET) or afternoon (4pm CET) session. Visit our registration page to select your am or pm session. In terms of content, this Free Introductory Webinar will give organisations a real flavour of what it takes to win at Online Retailing in today’s business environment. It will identify some of the key trends to be aware of and how my expert team and I are able to guide them through this journey, as we have with so many of our eBusiness Institute clients over the past seven years.

What is Mastering Online Retailing?

Our Mastering Online Retailing Capability Building Program is an interactive webinar series that equips all teams working within Online Retailing with the capabilities to excel at eCommerce, drive their organisations to success and gain a competitive edge over their rivals.  In today’s new commerce reality, where COVID-19 has further increased the focus to online shopping, new consumer habits have set in, and more and more people are happy to shop online. While that’s great news for those already established in or entering the Online Retailing space, it also means that the competition is intensifying and that organisations selling products online must upskill to meet challenging expectations and maximise eCommerce growth. You can learn more about Mastering Online Retailing by visiting our dedicated landing page here.

Learn what it takes to win at Online Retailing from eCommerce expert Niko Voutselas

Why should our readers sign up to Mastering Online Retailing?

If you wonder why so many brands have been so quick to adapt and, as a result, thrive during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s because they’ve upskilled their teams and had the knowledge, processes and tools in place, as well as data at their disposal, to make the most of this Online Retailing opportunity.  Mastering Online Retailing provides your teams with the capabilities they need to drive your organisation’s eCommerce performance to the next level.  This Free Introductory Webinar provides a useful insight into our Mastering Online Retailing Capability Building Program.
This article was written and created by Online Retailing expert Niko Voutselas and the eBusiness Institute team.

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If you want to attend this Free Introductory Webinar with Online Retailing expert Niko Voutselas on 29th October, we are offering two options – the morning session at 10am (CET) or the afternoon session at 4pm (CET).  Please sign up to either session here.  Contact us if you would like to discuss your Online Retailing needs with Niko or another of our eBusiness Institute experts.


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