Luigi Matrone to be a key speaker at groundbreaking Alcon Gaze 2019 conference on the future of eCommerce Featured Image

Luigi Matrone to be a key speaker at groundbreaking Alcon Gaze 2019 conference on the future of eCommerce

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Luigi Matrone, CEO and Founder of eBusiness Institute, will be a key speaker at the Alcon Gaze 2019 eCommerce conference in Berlin, 17th-18th September.

Alcon Gaze 2019 will be attended by business leaders from around the world and packed with insights from top international speakers that will inspire, articulate trends and create lively discussion on the future of eCommerce.

A global medical device company specialising in eye care products, Alcon serves eye care professionals and their patients in more than 140 countries, thereby helping millions of people through advanced surgical and vision care products.

Alcon is undergoing a digital transformation and – in partnership with eBusiness Institute – has become a real eCommerce leader in its sector.

It is in this context that Luigi has been invited to speak at Alcon Gaze 2019 because he is recognized as a world-leading expert on eCommerce and digital consumer behaviors.

What the presentation will focus on

The subject of Luigi’s keynote will be ‘eCommerce Best Practices’, during which he will share some of the world’s most important emerging consumer trends and what they mean for eCommerce.

He will explore online shopping habits, and how eRetailers and eCommerce sites will need to transform themselves to meet the demands of the ever-evolving habits of the digital consumer.

How organisations must adapt to the eCommerce world of the future

More precisely, Luigi will ask the question ‘Is price all there is to win online?’, exploring: why winning online today is more about the shopping ‘experience’; how you need great Product eContent to create great experiences; and why the quality of ‘mobile-first’ Product eContent is becoming increasingly important.

Demonstrating success at Alcon Gaze 2019

Luigi will also share case studies that demonstrate the critical value of new strategies and approaches that lead to long-term success.

For example, how the eBusiness Institute helped one pet food brand increase its sales on Amazon by more than 460 per cent thanks to its investment in superior consumer-centric Product eContent.

Or, how a coffee brand increased its sales by 190 per cent thanks to its investment in better Product eContent.

Luigi will take attendees through the building blocks that help to create great Product eContent that delivers amazing results like these.

Luigi Matrone – global expert in eCommerce, consumer trends and digital transformation

Luigi is regularly invited to speak at events around the world on his topics of expertise.

For instance, he was invited to talk to one of the world’s leading food processing and packaging companies about the key eCommerce trends transforming the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

After seven years between Rome, Milan and Geneva as P&G Global Marketing Manager for brands such as Duracell and Oral-B, Luigi branched out on his own to pursue his passion for technology and innovation. He created Aurantiaco Holding SA in 2013 with the purpose of investing in innovative and high potential ideas that leverage new technologies and deeply understand how businesses and consumers are changing, and as a result founded eBusiness Institute.

Today, Luigi’s interests and expertise lie on Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 technologies, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Education 3.0 and Innovative Nutrition.

Luigi is a Singularity University Alumni and the Singularity University Geneva chapter co-founder. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Alumni Board and Forbes Agency Council, and a speaker and trainer for organisations and business leaders.

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Update #2: If you want to understand more about two of the topics that Luigi is covering in his speech, Product eContent and Mobile Hero Images, read more here:

Update #3: the blog post summarising Luigi’s can be found here.

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