Lazada offers brands super solutions

Lazada offers collaborative “super solutions” to help brands win

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The Southeast Asian online marketplace, Lazada, has this past week launched a series of “Super Solutions” with the aim of empowering brands and sellers to become “Super eBusinesses”. The “Super Solutions” are a series of products and services designed to resolve specific and significant pain points impacting brands and retailers.

Lazada, which was founded in 2012 and is today owned by the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba, has 155 000 sellers and 3000 brands serving 560 million customers in Southeast Asia.  It launched a virtual mall within the Lazada app called LazMall in August 2018; a dedicated space where shoppers can gain direct access to trusted leading international and local brands. 

Lazada’s “super solutions” are an innovative collaboration between retailers and manufacturers that will improve the shopping experience for consumers as well as be mutually beneficial for both Lazada and the brands and sellers on their platform.  They are designed to benefit brands and sellers of all sizes to ensure that they will reap maximum benefit from the eCommerce boom in Southeast Asia, as Lazada Group Chief Executive, Pierre Poignant explains:

“No seller is too small to aspire, and no brand is too big to be a Super eBusiness.  That is why we are thrilled to roll out super-solutions to help our brands and sellers become more nimble in digitizing their businesses and better reach customers.”

Pain points and “super solutions”

The pain points impacting negatively on brands and sellers that Lazada has identified are low visibility, a lack of collaboration between branding, marketing and sales and the lack of a proper omnichannel strategy which makes it difficult for a brand or seller to track their return on investments.

Source: The Nation

Lazada’s “super solutions”, unveiled by the group’s Co-President Commercial, Jing Yin, at the inaugural LazMall Brands Future Forum on 21 March, include giving brands and sellers on their platform access to their new tech tools such as “store builder”. This technology enables sellers to customize their storefronts so that they can differentiate themselves from others on Lazada, and in-app live streaming, news feed and consumer games to increase consumer engagement.  The “super solutions” also feature “super” campaigns in which LazMall’s brands and sellers can boost their brand image and engage better with customers.    A further “super solution” is a new and improved “Marketing Solutions Package and Business Advisor Dashboard”.   This can deliver more traffic to brands’ and sellers’ storefronts and supply them with near real-time information that will enable them to make faster and better-informed decisions to sell more effectively and efficiently. 

These “super solutions” are offering unique strategies to increase brands’ visibility on Lazada’s platform.  What this demonstrates is how advertising can be a game-changer for retailers that invest in understanding and harnessing its power.

New Joint Business Partnerships (JBP)

Another way in which the Lazada Group is encouraging collaboration with the brands on its online marketplace is through a series of new Joint Business Partnerships (JBPs). For those not familiar with JBPs, in our eBusiness glossary we define a JBP as a structured approach to help both parties expand the relationship beyond traditional—improved sales, profit margins and market growth, this can include data-sharing processes, trainings, sharing of best practices, etc. Lazada claims these formalized co-operation partnerships with 12 global fashion, lifestyle and technology companies will provide the brands concerned with access to Lazada’s tech and logistics infrastructure as well as their eCommerce expertise.

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Creating a win-win-win outcome

With its “super solutions” and JBPs, the Lazada Group provides a great example of how top retailers are constantly innovating and looking for ways in which to leverage their eCommerce platform to generate new business opportunities.  Lazada’s investment in the brands on its platform will be mutually beneficial to both Lazada and the brands in terms of business results and also benefit the consumer creating a win-win-win outcome.

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