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Interview with Jean-Louis Reynaud reveals his plans for the future of eBusiness Institute

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We recently sat down with Jean-Louis Reynaud, the new leader of eBusiness Institute, to discuss his plans for the future of the organisation. Reynaud took over leadership from Luigi Matrone on 1st January.

Welcome Jean-Louis to a new year and a new start.

Hello. I am delighted to have my first interview as leader of eBusiness Institute. I would like to thank the teams for their fantastic welcome and openness. We are starting the year in an excellent position.

What are your plans in 2023 for both eBusiness Institute and its clients?

Our commitment to delivering value and innovation to our clients will continue to be our top priority. We will do this by staying close to our clients and understanding their needs, investing in our team and capabilities, and being proactive in identifying and exploring new opportunities and technologies.

It’s clear that the economic landscape can be characterised as VUCA – as many refer to – meaning it is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, which makes it difficult to anticipate and navigate.

In these uncertain times, it is even more crucial to have an agile and trusted partner like eBusiness Institute to work with. Our clients can continue to rely on us to solve their complex challenges even beyond digital transformation. 

In an age where data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is vital to making informed and verified decisions, Lingaro Group can offer our clients additional data consulting and analytics solutions. This opens new horizons to our clients and fosters innovation for new opportunities that will drive sustainable business growth.

Lingaro is a global data analytics powerhouse founded in Poland 15 years ago, now employing more than 1,400 people worldwide. Lingaro also brings business data analytics expertise in the following areas: supply chain, consumer, procurement and digital commerce. There are many opportunities to solve some of our clients’ toughest issues.

Our group objective is to drive sustainable growth and create lasting value with structured, innovative and robust solutions that are powered by data.

Can you give us a specific example of how Lingaro’s practices can benefit eBusiness Institute’s clients?

Lingaro has the expertise to create and deliver a technology strategy that is aligned with clients’ overall business strategies and needs. 

For example, we work with some of our clients on their direct-to-consumer strategy. 

The first strategic question we generally have to answer is, should they go direct-to-consumer or not? For some clients, this is the right strategy. We support them to make it happen, with end-to-end execution including their data strategy, digital commerce platform, marketing campaigns, and consumer and supply chain analytics dashboards.

Are there any new services you will be introducing?

One of the latest services we are offering our clients is around sustainability and, in particular, solutions for carbon emissions reporting for transportations. We understand the regulations and stakes, and combine data with technology to save costs whilst helping clients reduce their environmental footprint. The ultimate goal being carbon neutrality. We have credentials in that space and have seen a strong demand from our clients.

Another offering we are working on with our Data Science and AI Centre of Excellence is pioneering integration of Open AI within Azure enterprise infrastructure. This enables our clients to have large amounts of data quickly analysed and turned into insights to enable data-driven decision-making, saving time and maximising efficiency.  

As technologies evolve, our teams will work closely with clients to assess which intelligent technologies are meaningful and relevant to address their specific business challenges. We can then deliver all the elements of our recommended strategic plan. This is the beauty of being able to offer end-to-end services.

Do you have any last thoughts you would like to add?

To sum up, we have a clear vision for the future of eBusiness Institute and Lingaro, and the roles we can play with our clients. With a focus on delivering value and innovation powered by data, I can confidently say we are the go-to partner for complex end-to-end business and data services, adding value across a company’s ecosystem.

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