Cisco buys JULY Systems

Indoor Location Systems, Cisco buys JULY Systems

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  1. Who Is July Systems?
  2. IOT Technologies and Cisco

Cisco, the international networking giant based in California’s tech valley, announced in June that it would acquire July Systems. The acquisition will be completed by the first fiscal quarter of 2019. This marks an important step in helping Cisco expand its asset-tracking offerings. Cisco has worked with July Systems in the past, but this integration will allow them to be built directly into July Systems solutions.

Who Is July Systems?

July Systems is a cloud-based company which digitizes physical spaces.

With the July Systems integrations, Cisco’s partners and customers will be able to take advantage of the company’s massive cloud platform to deliver a wide range of indoor location services.

IOT Technologies and Cisco

The Internet of Things, or IOT, is an Internet connection of everyday devices. Any standalone device—from kitchen appliances to cars—which can be controlled or monitored from a remote location is considered an IoT Device.

Cisco’s and other companys’ use of IOT has revolutionized a wide variety of industries. With its acquisition of July Systems in 2019, Cisco will further be able to give their customers options to track goods through a number of network connections.
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