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H.O.W can you become a Modern Marketer?

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Mert Bürian, Senior Marketing & eCommerce Consultant at eBusiness Institute, recently delivered a free webinar on ‘H.O.W can you become a Modern Marketer?’ as a taster for our popular ‘Modern Marketer’ capability building program – here’s a summary of this successful session.

The challenges facing Modern Marketers

Global hyperconnectivity, a rapidly changing landscape and a growing number of emerging channels means that it’s very challenging to be a ‘Modern Marketer’.

These challenges shouldn’t simply be perceived as obstacles but as great opportunities to generate amazing data-driven marketing that elevates brands to new levels[1].

It’s such an exhilarating time to be a marketer. But it could also be very easy for today’s marketers to become overwhelmed[2].

Organisations must therefore invest in upskilling Modern Marketers and building their capabilities if they are to keep up with the relentless pace and thrive in the era of digital transformation.  

Such exciting tools at our disposal

We’ve never been so connected. Technology dominates our lives. We have fingertip access to pretty much everything we could need. 

As consumers, we use so many brand touchpoints before making purchasing decisions, whether that be taking product recommendations from strangers on social media or being wowed by exciting interactive content on eCommerce platforms.

Today’s marketers have so many powerful tools and channels at their disposal – but do they know how to use them? – Image source: Marketing Week

It won’t be long until the majority of us are comfortable with the idea of using our voices to casually research or buy products while driving or walking along a beach. 

And, thanks to powerful data, today’s marketers can learn so much about their audiences and how to reach them with exactly the right messages at just the right time. 

But do the marketers in your teams know how to operate in all of these exciting new channels? Or have a firm enough grasp on data to be able to use it to powerful effect? 

Ignore traditional at your peril

In such a digitally connected world, it must be tempting to go ‘all in’ on digital and treat traditional strategies and tactics as things of the past.

But that would be a big mistake.

Modern Marketers need to have a good grip on traditional brand building activities like TV advertising, printed newspaper PR coverage and out of home as well as the latest social media channels. Despite what some people might tell you, traditional channels remain among the most influential and persuasive[3].

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that modern marketing is just about digital – Image source:

The Modern Marketer can’t afford to be a one- or two- channel specialist. 

The Modern Marketer needs to be T-shaped and have broad knowledge covering a wide range of digital tactics and a depth of knowledge about traditional methods to build a successful brand upon. 

He or she must think strategically and develop integrated content marketing approaches that meet and influence target audiences in the most effective channels.

A strategic marketer that can combine a data-driven mindset and creativity to deliver powerful campaigns that thrill target audiences – it almost sounds like a unicorn, doesn’t it? 

But it’s absolutely not. 

Creating the Modern Marketer

Modern Marketers can be shaped if organisations are willing to properly invest in upskilling their marketing teams with empowering capabilities.

Click on the image above to find out H.O.W Mert Bürian and team can give the people in your marketing teams the capabilities of a Modern Marketer – Image source: eBusiness Institute

Delivered through a series of interactive webinars by program leader Mert Bürian and his team, eBusiness Institute’s ‘Modern Marketer’ capability building program will – among many other benefits – help the marketers in your teams to: 

  • define a roadmap to improve cross-discipline competence
  • develop brand positioning 
  • leverage consumer journey mapping to provide seamless consumer experience
  • use social media effectively
  • build winning content strategies
  • start using Data Analytics & AI tools to improve and optimise marketing activities.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Modern Marketer can give your marketing teams the capabilities they need to succeed in this fast-changing landscape.

This article was written and created by the eBusiness Institute team.

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