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Have you got the Product eContent assets you need to win online?

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Great Product eContent drives sales by creating excellent online shopping experiences that influence consumers to buy. Do you have all the Product eContent assets you need to win online? 

How do you make your products appeal to online shoppers when they can’t pick up, feel or smell them in the way they can when shopping in a physical store? 

The solution? 

Product eContent that jumps out of the screen at shoppers and convinces them to buy your products.

78 percent of consumers consider quality of Product eContent very important when making purchase decisions; 1 in 4 have abandoned a purchase because of poor product information; and 87 percent would be unlikely to consider a brand again if they provided incorrect information.[1]

Product eContent assets Example 1
Great Product eContent like this example helps online shoppers learn everything they need about a product and makes it more enticing – Image source: Amazon/Nespresso

Optimised Product eContent also has a big role to play in helping make your products more visible to shoppers in product and category searches within eRetailer websites like Amazon or Target.

Product eContent is not, therefore, a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a ‘must have’ for any brand that wants to drive sales of its products on its own eCommerce platform or on an eRetailer platform like Amazon.

What is Product eContent?

Product eContent refers to all product information that facilitates and enhances the online shopper experience on digital platforms. 

Product eContent starts at product detail pages and extends to high quality product images, Ratings & Reviews, video and compelling product descriptions.

What Product eContent do you need?

In short, you need content that enables a more enjoyable and complete online shopping experience, and which helps shoppers overcome their barriers to purchase.

For instance, if a parent is looking to buy a toy princess castle for their daughter, they’ll want to: be enticed by images; understand how big the castle is; learn more by reading convincing product descriptions; find out what people that have already bought the castle think about it in the Ratings & Reviews; and see the product in action by watching a well-crafted video.

Product eContent assets Example 2
Great images, product descriptions, video and a large number of customer ratings and reviews make it so much easier for shoppers to make buying decisions – Image source: Amazon

It’s also well worth remembering, with increasing numbers of people shopping via their smart phones[2], to take a mobile-first approach to your Product eContent.

The five things brands need to do before creating Product eContent

Our CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone wrote a piece for Forbes Agency Council about the tried-and-tested five-step approach that we use to help our clients create stellar Product eContent.[3]

We recommend you read the article for full details, but the key steps are outlined below: 


          1. Audit – are you already using Product eContent?

If so, is it right for the shopping audiences you’re trying to target? What content is missing? What are your competitors doing? How can you transform your Product eContent from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’.

Learn more about the gap analysis we take our clients through to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their existing product pages.

          2. What’s your strategy? 

Put an action plan in place with key stakeholders like your brand managers, trade marketing managers, eCommerce or eBusiness leaders and agencies.

Does your team have the right internal capabilities to manage and create Product eContent?

Product eContent assets Example 3
The eBusiness Institute Roadmap is a set of building blocks designed around milestones that are fundamental to ensuring our clients can deliver effective Product eContent – Image source: eBusiness Institute

          3. Develop

Create specific actionable briefs by workstream for images, video, copywriting and so forth. Make sure that everybody properly understands the deliverables.

          4. Deployment of assets

Make sure key stakeholders in your company know how to access and use your new Product eContent assets to their best effect.

         5. Measure

How will Product eContent results be reported back to your company? What metrics and insights can you gather to help improve future content?

Product eContent assets Example 4
Product eContent is a vital piece of your eCommerce sales strategy – Image source: eBusiness Institute

In conclusion – H.O.W. we can help you maximise eCommerce growth

Product eContent is incredibly important to the success of your brand in the eCommerce space.

The popularity of online shopping – already rapidly on the rise before COVID-19 – has understandably sky-rocketed during the global lockdown. Short-term consumer habits developed by huge numbers of new online shoppers during the crisis will solidify and become long-term. They will have realised how easy and convenient it is to shop this way – and they won’t turn back. 

Can your organisation meet the growing expectations of online shoppers? Or will you be left behind? 

Do your teams have the skills needed to Master Online Retailing and maximise eCommerce growth?

We’ve launched our highly practical and action-focused ‘Mastering Online Retailing‘ Capability Building webinar series to make sure that your organisation and its teams are in a position to maximise eCommerce growth and thrive during the next decade. 

Mastering Online Retailing‘ will enable your organisation to rapidly update its eCommerce capabilities, leverage proven tools for setting short & long-term strategies, and – ultimately – achieve online sales goals.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Mastering Online Retailing or any other of our H.O.W. Capability Building programs.

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