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Growth and service expansion at eBusiness Institute through Lingaro, while Luigi Matrone steps down as CEO

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Ten years ago, Luigi Matrone had a vision. To use his experience and entrepreneurial expertise to create a business that would help top brands achieve success in the digital world.

And so, eBusiness Institute was launched.

The road to success

During the last decade, Luigi recruited, mentored and guided a growing team of experts to deliver excellence in end-to-end digital transformation solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He knew the formula for success was in defining winning omnichannel strategies to prepare brands for the rapidly changing challenges of the developing online business world. 

This success did not go unnoticed.

A new partnership brought new opportunities

Late in 2021, eBusiness Institute was acquired by the esteemed Lingaro Group, a disruptive innovator in data and analytics solutions. This bringing together of two best-in-class performers in their respective fields offers clients the opportunity to receive first class digital transformation solutions.

As one door closes, another opens

Having created and guided eBusiness Institute to where it is today, Luigi feels that the time is right to entrust the future of the company to a fresh, safe pair of hands. 

“I’m proud to have built eBusiness Institute to the powerhouse that it is today. Our portfolio of clients and the case studies developed in the last 10 years have been outstanding. Our team of talented people is something many companies could only dream of having.”

Whilst it is never easy to close such a successful chapter, my journey as an entrepreneur has shown me where my passions lie, what I’m good at, and that I want to continue to learn and develop as a businessman. As I step down as CEO of eBusiness Institute, I will take some downtime to recharge and then put my focus into supporting companies that are close to my heart, those that are trying to disrupt industries through innovation and technology.”

The transition to a new leader is an important event in any company’s life, with changes being felt both internally and externally. Trustworthiness has been a key cornerstone and a strong attribute of eBusiness Institute, and we’ll continue to maintain this through our openness and approach to solving issues and setting out strategies.

With a new leader comes new opportunity

We warmly welcome Jean-Louis Reynaud from Lingaro, who will take over the leadership of eBusiness Institute from 1st January 2023.

We are excited to introduce Jean-Louis to our clients as he leads our diverse yet highly skilled team in providing market-leading solutions that will drive sustainable growth, creating lasting value with structured, innovative and robust solutions powered by data.

Having spent a combination of 13 years in globally recognised consulting companies, and 7 years in product development and pricing, Jean-Louis’ extensive experience in business and digital transformation will be of great value to our clients.

When asked about the handover and the future direction of the business, Jean-Louis expressed his respect for Luigi’s achievements.

“Firstly, let me personally thank Luigi for entrusting to me the amazing company that he has created and grown over the last ten years. From a business standpoint, Luigi has built a strong and loyal client base that relies on a solid team of experts with fantastic vision and open mindsets when it comes to understanding all aspects of what needs to be done to deliver sustainable growth plans.

I want to reassure all our existing clients that the levels of trust and service that you have come to expect from eBusiness Institute will only ever be enhanced and expanded, never diluted. I have every confidence in the synergy of our two businesses to deliver continued growth and success for our clients, and I’m very excited about the opportunities that await us all.

Finally, it has been a pleasure to meet and work alongside Luigi, who is a great individual and a genuinely nice person. I wish him and his family every future happiness.”

A message of support from Lingaro’s CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Lingaro Group, Sam Mantle, is very much a supporter of building diverse teams with strong and open collaboration. Sam champions the integration between our two companies in pursuit of the greater good of our clients.

“I would like to thank Luigi for developing and preparing eBusiness Institute for a seamless and easy passage into the Lingaro family. He is clearly passionate about his company, which is a fantastic asset that complements the services of Lingaro as we bring end-to-end data-driven and innovative strategic solutions for our clients.

I am delighted to introduce Jean-Louis Reynaud, who will be taking over the day-to-day running and management of eBusiness Institute. Jean-Louis comes with an impressive track record and a tremendous amount of business experience.

It is an exciting time for Lingaro, and I am looking forward to working with all eBusiness Institute and Lingaro leaders to fulfil the amazing potential ahead of us.”

As the year comes to a close

We’ll be closing down the year with a goodbye but an incredibly exciting future ahead, so it only remains for us to wish all our clients and their loved ones peace, health and happiness for the festive season ahead.


Complementary services and the same excellent quality

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