Google is entering the Voice Payment market

Google is entering the Voice Payment market

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Google Assistants let you transfer money to friends using Google Pay in the US. Google continues it’s offensive on Amazon’s territories of voice commerce and frictionless payment. The first step is to get users accustomed to using Google Pay through Google Assistant for money transfers and then the voice shopping experience will be facilitated by the Shopping Actions of Google Assistant. This feature integrates Google product search through Google Assistant directly into the purchase process. Brands and eRetailers now have an alternative to Amazon Alexa to design a seamless end-to-end voice shopping experience including payment.

Become one of the first brands to leverage voice as a channel to grow your business.

The e-business institute recommends the following actions to win in the voice sales era:

  • Define your voice sales and search strategy
  • Identify top 20 best seller products
  • Create specific voice content for the top 20 ( shorter description to be heard )
  • For each Top 20 create FAQ answering ( What, Why, Who, Where, When, How)
  • Create an Alexa skill and Google action to engage with your brand and explain how to use your products.
  • Join the e-business institute Voice Revolution webinar

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Google Assistant let you transfer money to friends using Google Pay in the US

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